15 October 2016

Some people when they see light, feel only its burn and curse it. Others see love, feel it not, and curse those who feel it. Some people see God, feel Him within, and dance in his energies. Others look and hear for years and feel/see it not, and grow envious and angry.

Many see a real guru and understand nothing happening around him or her, and condemn them as fakers, con men, or insane.

Then we have those who do feel love, do feel bliss, do see light, do feel God within and want nothing more than to be around their like.
But then the blind gather to stone them and destroy their church, their home, their place on earth, for they experience nothing, understand nothing, and are unable to love. They can only judge from a place where nothing exists.
Be glad you can see the light, feel god's breath, feel his touch and grace, and hope one day that the others will too.

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