14 October 2016


My good friend Swami Shankarananda and I talked last night for some time.

He is doing well and Satsangs once again are happening giving many people access to the direct experience of Shakti.
  He shared that his own experiences were very reminiscent of his own experiences of the divine, the sense of surrender, the descent of grace, feeling utter humble in the presence of God.

Check him out in Melbourne Australia.
  I was in his Satsangs back in 1978-79 in Los Angeles, and later in the 1980s when he returned to Santa Monica and hosted Sw. Nityananda and others.  His Satsangs were always so sweet and rejuvenating.  I have long recommended his book “Consciousness is Everything,” and felt ecstatic while reading it.

If I did not have 8 cats and a living mother here in Arizona, I certainly would think of moving close to my friend of 38 years.  I think we were born about 4 days and about 500 miles apart, and we used to visit gurus together, such as Bernadette Roberts, Robert Adams, the Vedanta Center, other temples, and Sueng Sahn Soen Sa.

Thank you Swamiji for being my friend.

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