17 June 2016

So many spiritual seekers equate spirituality with reading about spirituality. Read Ramakrishna, Ramana, the Vedas, Krishnamurti, and learn the concepts.

Maybe 20% of these actually try a practice such as self-inquiry, Chakra Yoga, just sitting meditation. Some practice for a year, some for ten, some for 40.

But then there are those rare ones who just throw themselves into a practice, such as self-inquiry, or better, abiding in one's own self. This is real spirituality.

Here is an email from one such person who just threw herself into practice:

Dear Edji, Namasakar to you,

The sinking continues and it's bringing different aromas:) some times it' bliss, then it's ecstasy then it's total silence and peace. The change is that during all these I was restricting myself as a witness. Then suddenly I started to experience this pull from my gut like I am literally in a labor pain .. Then I was not a observer anymore but I started to feel the sensations.. It was like my false I was holding me back from experiencing ..now I am in the centre allowing all these sensations washing through me..of course the enquiry continues of who is experiencing even all this? Even though there is no answer I sense a presence, a mute witness or stillness in the background.

In waking state the emotions are still going on and I am ever ready for them to come and when they leave I can't help but smile ..and I know that they will be back again. Now I am more open to them. There is no background talk of I should have done this or that..because now it's just the show continues for whatever the script is there ...

Sometimes mind does catch me and I let it hold me for sometime and it leaves me back to my space:)) the happiness I experience is so different from the happiness I experience from material world... The strong faith and trust towards the energy or God which/who is doing all this and there is no doer inside me who wants to claim .. But when negative emotions arises I have to hold on to that trust strongly because the pull towards the other side is strong too..and to let go of those fears is very liberating. Old thought patterns are recognised the moment it arises and it goes to the empty space from where it came..
Edji, I also wanted to tell you that I downloaded the collective works of Robert Adams talks..I am reading few pages everyday and I share it with my husband . I felt Robert in those pages ..it's like I am part of those talks ..and he is cooking me too..:)) thank you for every thing .. may your guidance continue to take me in the path...

Taking your blessings ..

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