28 June 2016

Our bodies are merely vehicles for consciousness, which we are.

The body provides the five senses, mind, the inner senses of emptiness, light, space, emotions, hunger, pain, pleasure which consciousness experiences. Pure consciousness, purified by meditation, is just and only love of being, of existence, of ourselves and of others.

Consciousness arises out of the body brought alive by the life force, which you can directly experience by immersing yourself in the experience of the I Am sensation, one's own sense of presence, w3hich grows and expands with meditation on one's self.

Consciousness experiences our bodies and experiences through our bodies. The world is just another appearance within consciousness.

I feel a sense of personal, not of the my body, but my experience of I, which when experienced completely, is everywhere in consciousness.

Now the question arises, is consciousness self-contained, or is it dependent on something in you that is deeper? This you need to ponder.

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