08 August 2014

The Ghost in the machine (body) is God

    There is an identity that has nothing to do with thought, beliefs, or concepts. That is the Self within that many believe does not exist because they have not found it by "looking" within.
But who said they Self can be found by looking, with an imaginary inner vision?
    There are no eyes inside, so who said the self could be "seen"?
It is felt, first as a sense that I exist. The more and more curious you get about that feeling, the more it grows, expands, and unfolds in various colors, energies and emotions. Then it tempts you and you learn to play with it.

    The Self is totally non-verbal, non-conceptual, non-belief, and it flows as light and energy from deep within when you get to know it.
It has power, it has non-verbal intelligence that reveals secrets of the Self.

    It has always been there, but if you have not searched for it, or believe it could exist so that you persist in searching, you will not find it.  You have to become increasingly sensitive to all aspects of your inner world, especially emotions, because emotions are closest in "feeling" to that of feeling the Self.  It is beyond the senses and only an inner sense of observational awareness that is attuned to energy, love, and emotional states will be able to find and experience the Self.

    If you do not believe such a Self can be found because others direct you to that conclusion, or you can't find it by looking within "imaginally," then you will never find that Self, your connection with divinity.

     Nisargadatta called it Bal-Krishna (Baby Krishna), or Krishna Consciousness which he found after three years of following the I Am sense. Ramana found it in a few minutes after he ignored his body and focused on the outpouring of his individuated consciousness from within, which he describes in his awakening experience.

    AND, listen to this, he said after he recognized the Self, the true 'I', he could never take his attention off of it. That is his small self became mesmerized and glued to his Self, Atman, God, in Krishna Consciousness.

    The experience of feeling/seeing that I Am come alive and be with you as a constant companion as a larger Self (Atman) is beyond anything else phenomenally.

     I know few believe this, but this has been my constant experience for years and is the gradually becoming the constant experience of some of my students who trust the Life energies within.

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  1. this line: "The experience of feeling/seeing that I Am come alive and be with you as a constant companion as a larger Self (Atman) is beyond anything else phenomenally." is profound. that's what i feel lately. like the larger Self is a constant companion. i call him God, but it's the same thing of course. thank you.