31 August 2014

Steve's Experience at Satsang Today

Oh God Edji, Satsang today killed me and also sent me into high bliss, what tears.   Your presence and voice were right inside me-oh how powerful. I am you and you are me....the Deep love in your Heart just explodes with our Sanga and also in my Heart Center.    

Edji,   wave after wave after wave after wave.......bliss and tears and healing.

A dome of light formed over our sangha.  Like rain coming down but it was all drops of light coming down....such beauty. Love, Steve


  1. I felt both at one with the circle of friends and as huge and magnificent as as mountain.
    There is an immense sense of strength in my core right now. Something I have
    denied for a long, long time. I am mostly terrified of who I am. But not tonight. I feel
    such amazing happiness just being exactly what I Am. Syndria

    Edji, your energy went right to my core, my hara, and pulled open some adhesions that have been constricting my middle. The energies are swirling in out around my belly. It 's overwhelming yet freeing up my life force. I feel a total surrender tonight to you, to Shakti ,to the power of the group. I...Am that's all I know ... I Am .. love....yes. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. I feel shaken, vulnerable and at the same very happy that i can be part of this Sangha. I feel huge motivation to go forward to be even more open and loving. Also the motivation to practice formally and do everything I can to help others. Young Havel