30 August 2014


Edji, I am still working on this idea, but it's big. Many people want spirituality to leave the earth, to fly away, to get away from their pain. We've all done it.

When a teacher like you talks about feelings and depression and going into them, it's a threat.

They're like “no, don't you get it? We come to you so you can help us go to a happy place, far, far away.”

And that's what the majority of the teachers are selling. It's basically spiritual drugs: techniques to go to a happy land.

Of course your methods DO lead to happiness, But its THROUGH feelings, by staying with them, and that leads to the TRUE happiness.

Just transcending everything is a disease. I am convinced. It is a lopsided development. Those seed emotions are going to come back in one form or another, sooner or later.

But what if you stay with depression? Anger? Humiliation? What if you go right into the Heart of them?

I think that's a question you've been asking recently.

This is real development. This is the heart and soul; any takers?

Oh no, they want their drugs... They want to go bye-bye.

Ed's Reply:

Exactly right.  The difference is the I Am.  

Freud said the value of psychoanalysis was to turn neurotic suffering into "ordinary human unhappiness."

But using meditation on the sense of I Am, along with accepting, loving, and identify the arising hidden stuff from the unconsciousness, we are increasingly able to tolerate increasing amounts of emotional suffering, and along with it, an ability to experience the suffering of others.  That is, most of us are walled off from the suffering of others, because if we feel it, we feel it in ourselves.

With increasing empathy towards others comes an equal toleration for anything that arises in us.

Along with this, we find we are dropping more and more out of thinking into feeling and our body's functioning.  We recognize the body is only an instrument, and not us in the deepest sense, but that it has sensors and abilities that could be considered magic: healing, bliss, ecstasies, paranormal powers that exists in those deeper parts of ourselves, the Subtle Body and other bodies, bliss and Self.

Everyday life, socialization, social education, and inertia lock us early into shallow and relatively pointless lives of education, family raising and 45 years of employment/business. 

Then we make the remarkable realization that we are feeling more and more blissful, happy, and joyous by being in the I Am sense, but at the same time we feel sadness, pain, fear, as well as love and compassion ever more deeply, until a time comes when we can experience death and loss far deeper than ever before, and yet feel existentially more balanced and integrated than ever before.  We have become a complete person.  We can even come to the point where we are experiencing great pain and even greater joy simultaneously mixed with bliss so deep we don't want to move.

At this point we are so deep into the experiential that words like "self," "other," "awakening," etc., are meaningless because words and mind cannot touch the exquisite complexity of our experience which we feel through a highly sensitized and tuned heart.

There are many who suffer because their emotions are too strong and they are whipped about by them and failed attempts to control them. The difference is a constant focus on the I Am sensation which leads both to bliss and the various energy states, but also to Self-Realization and then back downwards into grounding oneself in energies, emotions, love, and the body through continuing meditation on the I Am, and loving all that arises.

Of course listening to sacred music also awakens the heart as well as helping others.  If you read make sure you read Nisargadatta, especially his earliest work, Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization, which he wrote before he became a Jnani.

Go to Satsang with teachers who teach the incarnate as well as the transcendent. Stay away from the deniers of Self, body, and world, and find teachers who are also healers and promote compassionate actions.

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  1. These understandings come from the point of view of the ajnani - when one has transcended - what is the world? Nothing to do with inclusive or non-inclusive in the teaching, these are points of argument only of the mind.
    The teaching of Ramana and Robert is called Jnana Marga - the Path of Knowledge.
    The teaching on this blog page is not Jnana Marga, it's Eds own teaching of his own experiences and it is all okay to be just that.