26 August 2014

I frequently post emails of Sangha members with permission, to give onlookers different points of view on the teachings and their effects. Here is another from Steve:
Sri Edji, Hope your days of fighting a cold are coming to an end. I think I see what you mean when you said its all like electronics. Last night I could see little lines of electricity ( coming out of nowhere). They are neutral and have no feeling or substance tied to them. But when they hit my preceptors that is when I (through past experience) place a value on them and then react accordingly as if the original event is occurring all over again.
All these 'bodies' on earth are not skin and bones at all but electrical pulses. Then when something happens in the world, these sensor systems react however they were programmed to act or respond. If this isn't the Matrix the movie I don't know what is.
The 'I AM' has trapped us here with the belief that we are 'real' but nothing could be further from the truth.
The only sanity is dropping all the veils, all the nonsense, all the thoughts and the mind so the True Witness is exposed. The Witness has no substance it is the Absolute which I am already.
My Third eye is vibrating so much that now my entire forehead is like a powerful magnet rotating and rotating throwing pulsating light into me.
I am much happier now spending a very large part of the day meditating on the I AM and taking it (like you said Edji) to the ROOT.
I am in Gratitude to you Swami Sri Edji - Love steve

Ed's Response:
Steve, from the point of view of the Absolute, the body and mind are not real--just the play of Consciousness. This is Nisargadatta's final teaching.
But, from the point of view of love, the Manifest Self, sentience and Shakti made aware by sentience, certainly is real, it is the Atman, man and God together.
The point I was making about electricity is that "we" do not experience the external world directly, but only construct a world from the input of our senses that are converted into electrical nerve impulses that are interpreted in the brain. If we had different sensors, the world would look and feel very different.  And these interpretations are used by Consciousness in the form of the Manifest Self to interact with and explore the world.
Part of what I am teachings is to open to wider sets of sense data and remove the blinders to other ways of seeing the world, for example, seeing auras and feel flowing magnetic and electrical energies.
When we do this we are opening a whole new world of potential for effecting change, self-protection, and healing others. The Manifest Self just loves to play with energies as they flow from and too the Self.  Those who like rest and Absolutes are not much interested in this world of bliss/energies/joy and exploration, and seek only peace and quiet.

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  1. There are 2 those that want peace and those that are energetic.There is a doer than that decides .