10 October 2013

Self-Realization Satsang/Retreat

I have seen the venue for our retreat today.  I think there is adequate room for up to 50 people with mixed chairs or sitting on the floor. So there is no concern about enough room.

The studio is located 2 doors West (towards Topanga Blvd) of the restaurant, Follow Your Heart,

There is free parking in the rear of the building and another free parking lot across the alley behind the buildings. 

There are also lots of hard rubber blocks that can be used to sit on for meditation, and perhaps a dozen or so mats for those wanting to sit on the floor or lie on the floor, which is a desired posture for several of our exercises.

For those who want to meet at Robert's park, Warner Park, at Topanga and Marilee (one long block North of Burbank Blvd.), we'll meet at 10:45 AM.  Satsang begins at the studio at 12:30 PM two miles away.

Friday Satsang starts at 10:30 AM and goes to 6:30; Saturday and Sunday, it starts at 12:30 PM and goes to 8:30.

The first 2 days at least will be dedicated to taking you deep into Consciousness with Self focused on Self through chanting, meditation, and talks.  We will also do guided meditation exploring your body awareness and awareness of your energy presence, or Subtle Body. Then you can directly see what you are without the mind's interference. It will be intense--maybe.

I don't know what Deeya has in mind for you yet, but I am sure it will be spectacular, as well as heart and mind melting.