14 October 2013


Email to me: 

Thank you my dearest Father for you guiding light.

When feeling the Self and abiding there my mind is quiet and body is quiet but the bliss/pleasure is like a soft-ball on fire slowly rolling from my butt to head stopping at the solar plexus. While at the solar plexus it starts stretching the membrane holding it and gets ready to explode.

The full interior of this body is empty of everything except energy that is vibrating... peaceful and blissful

Is this what you mean by resting there my Guru?

Love Always, S.

Ed’s Response:


Done long enough, Shakti takes over and does everything for you.



Email to me:

OH, My Dearest Father!  Your right!  I am losing the battle with this fair maiden. Your gal Shakti is winning the game.  She is enthralling, entertaining and very mysterious. She shows up at all times of the day and night, calling me, beckoning and promising to devour this mind and body and doing it with bliss and pleasure. I am slowly turning into her servant and willingly too.  

The World calls too but its voice is losing its power over me. I think maybe next week you and her will band together and pull a Ecstasy of Saint Teresa on me.  This world means nothing, it is turning to ash, I bow to the Peace and Quiet of Shakti. Take me in your arms I am a willing servant.

To Swamiji Sri Edji my home and my life. 

Yours, S.

Ed's Response:

At this point your sadhana becomes effortless. Your only job is to hang on and enjoy.

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