07 September 2013

Experiences of some new students

I was delighted to receive three new students and Michael at my home Friday at noon. They arrived just as I tuned into Deeya's Kindle My Heart's Flame webcast, and we all sat listening while I explained about the need for love and welcoming when practicing self-inquiry, or better self-abiding.

We did some guided meditation where everyone looked for the I Am, then fixated on it. The two new male students, for the first time, located the I Am energy in their hearts, and in both energies moved outwards into their bodies.

The woman not only felt the I am, but perceived it as blue light as bliss energies circulated throughout her body for an hour and a half.

Michael felt a blast of love and later a 2 second blast of bliss, while I felt great happiness to be able to help them find the beginning of the path of Self-Realization through love and Subtle Body energies--of course also with the help of Robert and Deeya's kindle hour of silent sitting, listening to chanting.

I explained the difference between Devotional Advaita, and classical Advaita of Shankara and Robert, and this is an evolution fitting for certain kinds of people, embracing perhaps a larger audience, giving them happiness, bliss, and a sure knowledge of who they are.

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  1. Just knowing you are out there helping others any way you can is cause for great joy.