18 August 2013

Just Be Yourself!

It is so hard to teach others how to become self-realized for three reasons: a primary identification with the body/mind, which becomes habit and ingrained (Vasanas), and finally mental concepts, or better, misconceptions of who and what you are.

In the end, to realize who you are as a body/mind centered entity, you have to stop looking outwards and look inwards. Then, when at a very deep point, you need to turn around from that inner place, and once again look outwards.

There will come a time that when you do this, you will realize you have always been the Self looking outwards from the noumenal into the phenomenal, from nothingness into somethingness even though you will also see that nothingness too is also phenomena.  At first you'll feel as if you are nothingness, then later, also the somethingness.  But in no event are the body/mind, at leasts at first.

Once you know this, you will always be aware of your Self as a fascinating mystery and vast energy, and your attention will fix on that inner self, which one day will result in the visitation of the divine aspect of Self. You as you are also God.

This is what the various types of self-inquiry methods direct you too: going within, resting in the sense of self that fills emptiness.

The below is from "Living by the Words of Bhagavan" page 293.

Bhagavan once said to me :’The one who limits the Self by believing himself to be the body and the mind has ‘killed’ his own Self. For killing the Self he has to be punished. The punishment is birth and death and continuous misery.

Q.: Is the ending of misery determined by prarabdha karma, or can we bring it nearer by personal effort?

Annamalai Swami: The misery comes to an end only by realizing the Self, not by any other means.

Q: Can this happen at any time?

AS: Here and now you are already the Self. You don’t need time to realize it, all you need is correct understanding. Each moment you identify yourself with the body and the mind, you are going in the direction of ego and misery. The moment you give up that identification, you are moving towards your real Self, towards happiness.

Q: … If I try to generate this feeling ‘I am the Self’’ it will not be the real thing. It will be just another idea in the mind. Can thinking about this idea really help me?

AS: When I say, ‘Meditate on the Self’ I am asking you to be the Self, not think about it. Be aware of what remains when thoughts stop. Be aware of the consciousness that is the origin of all your thoughts. Be that consciousness. Feel that this is what you really are. If you do this you are meditating on the Self. But if you cannot stabilize in that consciousness because your vasanas are too strong and too active, it is beneficial to hold onto the thought, ‘I am the Self; I am everything.’ If you meditate in this way you will not be cooperating with the vasanas that are blocking your Self-awareness. If you don’t cooperate with them, sooner or later they are bound to leave you.


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  2. Very interesting. I reckon that 'Living by the Words of Bhagavan' is one of the most interesting books about Shri Ramana. Annamalai Swami's accounts of the ashram life through the 30's and 40's are riveting, and his words about the Self seem spot on too. I didn't realize that Annamalai Swami had formed his own small ashram (or at least the ashram had formed around him?), almost adjoining Ramanasramam, till I stumbled across it while visiting Ramanasramam a few months ago. People seem to be looking after it, and his samadhi (grave) is there too.