06 March 2013

OSHO on his critics

"People are against me because I'm telling people how to love. I'm telling people how to love so deeply that love itself becomes your religion – that your woman one day disappears and you find God there, that your man one day disappears and you find God there; that one day, in deep communion, in deep orgasmic experience, in that ecstasy, for a moment you both disappear and there is only God and nothing else."


  1. Where I live, Pacific NW, they were against him because his people tried to poison the town of The Dalles, because his people were literally driving around with machine guns, threatning locals. His own people came to be against him because he forced abortions on them and drove wedges between husband and wife, etc. I think what he is saying here is complete self serving bullshit.


  2. This brought tears to my eyes, Ed. Thank you! -rich

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