25 September 2011

My Life with Robert Adams and
Further Readings from Nisargadatta Maharaj
Satsang, September 24, 2011


  1. I listen to Robert's Satsang recordings every day.

    I know it's got nothing to do with anything important, but I often wonder what happened to the others who were there, and if anyone else became realized. If only three people stayed with Robert until the end what happened to Henry who let everyone use his house - I wonder?

    Mary's got a lovely voice.

  2. Dear Edji, thanks for another beautiful satsang. It was so touching to hear you share of your relationship with Robert. I know exactly how you felt.

    Much Love and Appreciation,

  3. It's a new age Ed ! You have a big big family , with this strange stuff called the Internet ;)
    I like so much your reading of Nisargadatta , and the way you talk about it .

  4. Mary does have a lovely voice. Fred seems like a big scripture quoting teddy bear. The author guy, i cant remember his name, he always tries to be wise but is also very honest at times. Jay always reading too much. A lovely satsang, i wish the chants with robert were availble for us. Does anyone have them?

  5. The chants with Robert are available. They are the same as used in our satsang. I chose the chants used during Robert's satsangs, and they are the same now as then. They can be downloaded from links on wearesentience.com.

    Henry was in his late 70s when we had satsang at his house in 190 and 1991. Mary is still alive and went to Ranjit Maharaj after Robert died. She is now a leading poet in the Advaita tradition and still lives in Sedona.

    Jay committed suicide in the mid 90s. There were two Freds, one with a German accent, and one who lived at the Vedanta Society, and who quoted the Bible.

    Lee still has quiet Satsangs--sitting in silence--in Manhattan Beach, near LA.

  6. Dear All,

    A quick correction re the chants... they are no longer available on the main website as they were making the website too large to backup.

    All Satsang chants, as well as other information regarding the Satsangs, are available on the We Are Sentience Sangha website which is available to everyone who is registered for Edji's Satsangs.

    You can register for Edji's Satsangs through the We Are Sentience website (registration and the Satsangs are free).

    Love to all,



  7. Thanks Edji another very good satsang. I enjoy very much now how you are mixing love with advaita.

    On a different note I hope you will allow this shout out. I will be arriving in Santa Monica in a couple weeks with my dog. I don't wish to be homeless if anyone has some temp space for us until I get some work it is much appreciated. I can pay some. I am honest , no bad habits and a nice guy to be around.

    I also have a natural organic health product that I will be working to get in stores and I am willing to share some profits with whoever can help me with a place to stay.

    much love

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Jay's suicide.

    It's funny how listening to these Satsang recordings day after day makes me feel I know these people in some way - that I'm there with them, and with Robert.

    Jay always sounds pretty calm in the recordings. I guess you can never tell what's going on in someone's mind. Still waters run deep, as they say.


  9. Ed,

    I guess you don't like Kula Shaker. That's OK. I just wanted to offer up some alternative chanting to anyone - such as Janet - who can't get into the chants on your site.

    Kula Shaker are a British rock band who often incorporate chants into their music. I listen to them a lot. I can't think of anyone else in popular music - besides the Beatles who has promoted spirtuality in the Eastern tradition so well.

    Can I offer up at least one link, Ed? A track by The Radha Krishna Temple - produced by George Harrison. I can't stop listening to it; can't stop (trying) to sing it - it's so beautiful (to my ears). Other people may like it too. It's an arrangement of Govinda.


  10. I wonder how many of your students who say they love you would stick with you if you had rotting teeth, body odor, could barely speak and expressed no emotion? You loved Robert. You really loved him. Your love was not predicated on rewards he gave you. You loved him absolutely and unconditionally, and you always will because he is an inseparable part of you.

    Ediji knows what love is. Ediji knows.

  11. Yes, quite a shock to hear about Jay. Appeared to be calm. But Robert will take care of him. I am sure :)

  12. Hey Gary. Love that version of Govindam and wasn’t aware of that album by George. A while back I sent Jo-Ann some samples of chants I have and she suggested I post them, but I never got around to it. There’s another version of Govindam by Namaste that I like, but I think I may like yours better. Links below also of chants on another album by George and Ravi Shankar, and a few from a Bhakti CD that I like.

    Gayatri mantra by Namaste and another artist:

    Also from Namaste CD:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALyFie5waO8&feature=related (Govindam)

    George & Ravi Shankar:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7IrmkV3mPM&feature=related (Gayatri)

    From Bhakti:

    Hope you enjoy…

    Janet C

  13. Re: This Satsang. Amazing, beautiful, fantastic, beautiful.
    Thanks Edji.

  14. Janet,

    Thanks for the great links. And I wasn't aware of your George album!

    My 3 year old son is now walking around singing Govindam. I'm glad you like it.