05 September 2011

I have a crazy off and on again devotee named Faisal.  Faisal is a wild man, full of love and opinions, violence along with caring and endless answers to questions not asked.

Two days ago he posted the following.  I could tell this came from a deeper place in him than ever before.  He is becoming a true avadhut, a crazy man of God.  Normally I only acknowledge those who have had Advaita-like awakenings, even if not complete.  But Faisal's passion and sensing demands a second look:

Dearest ED,

For a long time I have not read nor listened to any spiritual content.

I woke up opened your Blog & read ....

Reading this Satsang touched me deeply. It wasn't the words nor the Quotes..

It was your Love your authenticity your transparency your softness.

In Sufism A master is complete when He is totally emptied becoming a TRUE SERVANT. A servant of ALLAH in both his aspects (Absolute/Oneness). He becomes a Servant at the feet of his devotees. He is their father in every sense.

He attained Master-hood by becoming but 100% a Slave.

He exists Only for the sake of his devotees.

He is a Mystic, a mystery. He is playful, serious, honest, deceiving, magical, ordinary, unpredictable, innocent, angry, blissful, crazy, wise etc...

He Has perfected the art of paradoxes.

His emotions & human nature has become Divine in every sense & is a tool in the hands of God.

He has become a fool an idiot.

He has been unconditioned from every condition yet He embraces his role completely.

He is far from being Sterile on the contrary He is so fertile giving birth to many liberated beings.

I remember my former teacher Traveling 12hrs down from the Himalayas by a car full of gifts (ballons-toys-sweets) to receive her new devotee from the airport.

Whiffs of love, 


  1. Thank you Ed, for presenting your mind and heart open wide so that I may understand my own better. But then again, what else would you be doing?


  2. My God .....

    I'm Humbled, I'm bowed, I'm pulled.

    I Prostrate in humility to what YOU ARE...

    My love breaks me into infinite dancing Shiva shadows that are in in a constant moving worship.

    Shakti allures me, Shiva destroys me. I long for this eternal marriage of Shiva/Shakti.

    My sanity is your insanity, my passion is your love, & my identity seeks meltation in YOU.

    I submit in surrender ....

  3. I often joke with Faisal and call him a devotee who cooks Gurus :-). It is unintentional from his part probably even karmic. He puts his deepest feelings strongly across and doesnt hesitate to call the spade a spade. The best part about him is that he doesnt hold on to any of his opinions for too long when he finds out they were off the target (so to say). So he is brutally honest which is different from being opinionated. He has a certain innocence about him.
    I think every teacher must have one Faisal kind of devotee close to him.

    I love him.

    Faisal I want you. Do you want me? :-)


  4. Faisal, this touches my heart deeply. Thanks for all you have shared here. We are truly blessed to have Edji.


  5. Faisal, you are a blessing, a true Avadhut!

    Edji, wake up your people. They are so active with comments when there is controversy but show no movement in the presence of divine words and such expression of love for the guru.

    Janet B.

  6. WOW Rajiv....

    YES I want YOU . . .

    Yes I Surrender . . .

    Yes I prostrate . . .

    Yes I Bow . . .

    Your Love dissolves me melts me, revives & awakens my soul ....

    Words are not enough to convey the humility I sense, The honor.

    I Wiggle, twist & turn in LOVE...

  7. Joan

    Thank you thank you thank you ...

    What touches your HEART is a dagger pulled from within the depths of my soul that Pierces through my heart & to the light it ascends ....

    In honor ....

  8. Dearest Janet,

    The Twin sister of my heart ....

    A blessing is You . . .

    A Yogini is You . . .

    A Kali is You . . .

    Prostrations ....

  9. Faisal has a potty mouth. Just calling a spade a spade.

  10. Prostrate cancer.

    re "The best part about him is that he doesn't hold on to any of his opinions for too long when he finds out they were off the target (so to say)."

    It seems to me this may depend on the nature of the opinionated, the opinion, and what-whether-who Faisal believes in any apparent passing moment. I'm fairly certain that it's not, "The best part about him . . ."

    I attempted to engage Faisal - once - pointing out what appeared to me to be an incomplete line of questioning (rant) concerning a former teacher - re what Faisal was proposing at that time as her organization's exorbitant fees schedule. Where I appreciated his having taking her to task, I was met - immediately upon offering information that he obviously had not been unaware of at that time - with his characteristically reactionary behavior and realized straight away that he was not really interested in questioning his assumptions. My counterpoints were - as with others' counterpoints - quickly discounted, dismissed...I found his behavior to be quite at odds with his lofty rhetoric. Shortly thereafter, curiously (related or no), Faisal de-friended me (on Facebook).

    It seems for some, 'surrender' works better, 'humility' becomes genuine, 'prostrations' authentic, while having their 'beingness' stroked.

  11. I d-friended lately all those whom I don't communicate with on facebook & have no genuine communication with...

    It happened that you are one of them.


  12. Janet B said:

    "Edji, wake up your people. They are so active with comments when there is controversy but show no movement in the presence of divine words and such expression of love for the guru."

    Yes, please wake us up, Ed. Reading all these outpourings of love above, I can't help feeling I'm missing out.

  13. Can Ed wake us up? I doubt it. But as they say however one thinks so it is. Ed can show us exactly where to dig a well, how to dig a well etc., but the digging is done by us. no?

  14. Who needs to wake up?
    I use to think like this also that I needed to wake up. It was Ramana that got me to think who is this "I".

    It then became very simple the real "I" has always been awake and will always be. The false me was simply a miss-identification that I am a body walking around eating, drinking, making love etc. I did not need any mystical experience to see this.
    All that happen was one day the body/mind realized and fully and completely understood who I am.

    I find it amazing that so many books and teachers in the world to bring about this simple understanding yet before I really understood I was one of those serious seekers looking to be woke up by a teacher, a book, etc.
    I wish everyone to be granted such a day of understanding.


  15. Hi Randy,
    Congrats on finding the I AM, the presence that sustains everything. It's going to leave you. Dead, cold, and empty.

    with Eternal Love,

  16. I had my tongue in my cheek when I asked Ed to 'wake us up'. I know it's all down to each ego to do its own 'digging'.

    Incidentally, Faisal, the picture of Robert Adams on your Facebook page is not Robert Adams the jnani, but Robert Adams the photographer. They're not the same person. I just thought you should know (unless you're interested in photography):)

  17. Gary I don't have any picture of any Robert in my facebook :)

  18. @Shawn

    Thanks for your opinion. Some food for thought. Their is a you the real you and the you you call "me"
    The real you is eternal. It was not born nor does it die. This you could never ever be anything else than what it is. The words Dead, cold and empty can only be referred to the you you call "me". It's possible to be Dead, Cold and empty with this "you". However once and even for a moment you see who you truly are, you then are filled with joy, true understanding and love. You can then say you live with no fear. It's fear and only fear that keeps us from living a life as the real you while still in the "me" form.


  19. "Faisal has a potty mouth. Just calling a spade a spade."


    I have a two year old boy.  Sometimes when I get distracted he'll come from nowhere, bite me and then look at me with a victorious look in his eyes and a wide grin, totally enjoying his power over me.  My first reaction off course is to jump out of my seat and instinctively scream.  Then I would say "No", you don't bite mommy, etc.  But deep inside I know he didn't mean to hurt me and simply asked for my attention and love.  

    When I see those kinds of posts from Faisal I often have the image of my son come to mind.  

    Janet B.

  20. OMG Faisal is only 2 in that case I recant everything I said.

    Just joking you do have a sweet and forgiving heart. But let's be real if just for a moment. The way I would handle my 2 year old is much different than the way I would handle my 17 year old yet alone a "mature" adult.
    My personal take, Faisal knows very well what he's posting. It's not in the heat of the moment. I feel he does it for shock value/attention. Anyhow I will not harp on this anymore.

    Except to say if I bite you Janet it's reassuring to know that all is forgiven "smiles"

    love ya

  21. Randy,
    That eternal you isn't real. Joy, knowledge, beingness. Not real. Enjoy your sense of enlightenment while it lasts.


  22. @shawn
    lol it's not about enlightenment at all if there ever was such a thing.

    So what can be said? Well a whole lot and a whole lot is really much too much.

    What I can say for myself is it took me on a most unpleasant road. I have been to hell and back more than once.
    I was a born con artist, womanizer, and generally not a nice guy. I spent time in Federal prison for fraud and interstate transportation of stolen goods. I hurt ones that I cared for. I have had it all and I mean all in the world and I have been as close to being homeless as the hair of my beloved dog.For myself I know it took being crazy, insane, at wits end of my life to come to see who I am. If you knew me you would know I am the last person on earth that would claim any kind of enlightenment. I have seen my life being broken down to nothing left.

    So when I say to see who you truly are and all fear is gone I am talking from a position that is not that common. I know what fear does first hand and have experience probably every level of it. It was only when I came upon Ramana teachings and his "Who Am I" that I was able to take a real look at myself and in that look I at once knew what is truly what.

    Blessings to you Shawn

  23. Sour grapes? I enjoy a lot of different flavors. We all tend to make entire universes out of a paragraph or a few sentences.
    Randy I am moved that the grace of Ramana has lifted your burden.
    Likewise, blessings to you Randy,