24 September 2009

Questions sent to me by a reader with my answers. Actually, these are exactly the right questions rather than dwelling on special experiences, progress, or "What is the state like?"

1. Are you happier now than before the awakening? YES, YES, YES! This is the only real criteria of whether the whole search was worth it.  

2. Do you wish sometimes that you are in the stage of non-awakened people? Absolutely not. Too much noise, lack of clarity and a degree of barbarism.  

3. Do you find life worth living? I make do. It no longer matters to me one way or the other. Life really has nothing to do with ME.  

4. What motivates you to do things - if anything? A strong sense of justice and compassion. Feeling the suffering of others and animals.

5. Is there love in your world? Do you love life or people or yourself? I love every living thing and want to protect every living thing from suffering.

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