26 September 2009

I have returned from Dresden. I was again there for other 10 days. From one hand they were stressful; from the other hand  being close to death, seeing how my father and mother died has detached me from the apparent life even more than before. My thought goes almost exclusively towards liberation.

Since I experienced myself as awareness, my practice has become about like that described by M. Langford (AWA). Moreover, I am trying to practice the Tibetan yogas of dream and sleep. I have two good texts about them by Tenzin Wangyal and Namkhai Norbu Rimpoche. What I don’t like about the Tibetan sadhanas are the preliminary practices. For example, Tenzin Wangyal suggests to get a close relationship with the dakini Salgye Du Dalma (a goddess) who favors and protects the sleep with rigpa (the non-dual consciousness). I am not inspired at all to create a dual relationship with Salgye Du Dalma; I am inspired by rigpa, non-duality, awareness with no support of any object! Therefore, I think if I go on with AWA, I will be able to go beyond the three states of wake, dream and sleep one day.

Always accepting and respecting your free choice to answer or not my questions, I would ask how you are about these three states.

With love,



None of the 3 states have anything to do with you. Non dual
consciousness has nothing to do with you. States of mind have nothing
to do with you. Sadness has nothing to do with you. Happiness has
nothing to do with you.

All that you are talking about are experiences. Experiences have
nothing to do with you.

You are beyond all that and therefore playing around with these types
meditations only take you further from YOU.

Only seek YOU. That is, seek the sensation of I Am if you can. Immerse in awareness of I Am. That is the beginning and end of practice. Abiding there eventually brings quietness and happiness too as well as the ending of doubt.

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