26 September 2009

Hello Ed,

I'm reading a Robert talk called "Stillness."
I'd like to clarify something if you don't mind. He says that the world is not real, that it does not exist and came out of nothing.

Does it includes only the mental projections that we make on our perceptions,
or it includes the perceptions themselves as well ? I'm a little bit confused by
this statement.

I perceive a lot of objects, colors, people, sounds around me, in a quite unconscious manner, and unless the question "what did you perceive ?" arise, to some extent, if I don't use my memory, there was nothing indeed. Is that the meaning of Robert's statement ?


There are no objects without concept. There is no significant difference 
between perception and conception. Even less are there objects that
stand behind perceptions as "reality."

All concepts are part of a verbal mapping of the universe, with an I
thought center around which the conceptual world is constructed. When
you see the I does not exist as an inner entity, the world as an external entity,

as objects, also disappears, and it becomes you, or you it. 

You alone exist; you are the totality of consciousness, with
apparent objects or without, as pure consciousness. Only you exist, nothing 

is external to you.

You have to understand, this is only a conceptual truth and thus too is misleading
until you are able to step outside of concepts.

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  1. "There are no objects without concept. There is no significant difference between perception and conception" Amazing! And poetic!