23 November 2016


      Everything you see, hear, touch, hear, including the advice of all your teachers, parents, gurus and God, takes place within your consciousness. Even knowing—if you could—what is in another’s consciousness, is a knowing in your consciousness.  All this around you and in you is contained in YOUR consciousness.

      We have created the concept of a shared consciousness, a shared world between multiple sentience entities, but even this concept is within my mind which is watched by my awareness of my sense faculties as well as my inner senses of presence, mind, and the knowledge that I live.

Think about that.  It is all in you, the beginning and end of mankind, the birth and death of our world; all are hearsay evidence in the concepts that make up your empirical knowledge, all of which arises when you awake in the morning, and is forgotten when you sleep in the evening.

Lights on; lights off; lights on; lights off—again and again until the final lights off.

You can hear about atoms, quasars, string theory, God, guru lineages, but all are knowledge in you. 

You are the measure of all things. You are the beginning and end of all you suffering and self-imprisonment.  You are your own freedom too, by ending all the false, learned, second-hand hearsay knowledge that just is about this transcient world, body, and mind.

Knowing this is the first step to freedom: separating your identity from your body to that of identifying with consciousness, and then the totality of consciousness that you experience.

This is what Robert meant when he said, “You created me to awaken you,” and “The world and your body are not real; they are only appearances in consciousness’—your consciousness.

Think on this over and over.

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