26 November 2016

I wish I had the words, the capacity to inspire others to pursue an inner search, an inner way of being, of discovery of all that lies within.  It is a fantastic voyage of profound satisfaction, discovering who and what you are.

The levels of consciousness are endless.  We seek and explore each level.  Waking mind, the subtle energy body, the workings of Shakti, the falling of the mind into the heart, the absorption of consciousness into consciousness, with the peace and freedom it brings.

I wish I could teach an easy and rapid way, but my own way was long, meandering, confused and confusing because I just drifted from teacher to teacher, having lost my own original way of self-inquiry which produced fantastic results in a very short period of time, and got diverted into Zen and then Siddha Yoga for a long period before returning home to the three greats, Robert, Nisargadatta, and Ramana.

But like Odysseus, because my journey was long, I see and feel what each method offers, but that ultimately, you have to find the deepest self within, the witness of all through self-inquiry.

The world is such a mess, and so is the spiritual marketplace.  How to find truth?  Look within for the I-thought, then the I-sense.  Feel for the I-sensation in yor chest, the heart of your being, the heart of your heart, the place to which the Kundalini returns, and with it, the loosening of your attachment to your body, which allows you to become universal, everywhere, everything.

I give you my love.  I give you all my blessing.


  1. Man these last several posts have had a lot of juice! Thank you so much - really good and worth more than a lot of books in spiritual weight. - Zach

  2. Dear Ed, there is no end on our journey. Your road is long. With all respect. But is is your road. And where did it bring you? Do have the final answer? Are you free? What ever that may be. We are all human beings living in vanitas. We are creatures. And we have a creater. I call Him God. He is not me. I am not God. I can be silence. But I am not God. That is vanitas. May God save our souls and bless us. For we don't know anything.

  3. Dennis, why do you persist in peddling Christian fntasy? So you have faith in Christ and a Christian God. Very few others have that faith because it is clearly seeen as being Jewish folklore. Not reality. Not truth.

    Finality is the goal for many, but for what purpose?

  4. I don' t know Ed. But. Thank you Ed for your respons. You are a karakter and I do apreciate that. And I know Ed, I am a fool in this world. Thank God!
    Jewish folkore, that is a funy way of putting it :). By the way the Jews don't believe in Christ either. They nailed Him on the cross. That is history. But. What is wrong with Christ anyway? He only asked us to love each other as our selves and to love God above all! I see no harm in that. That is why I love Christ and look for His way. Forgive me for yes I am a persistent sinner, dennis

    1. That isn't how it went(regarding your position that the Jews had killed Christ. In fact, it's been a long term "justification" for anti-Semitism). It was the Roman leader Pontius Pilate who refused to intervene in stopping Christ's crucifixion when he had the opportunity to do so. You could say that the Jews rejected the notion that Christ was the Son of God and allowed the Crucifixion to proceed but the Romans carried out the execution.


    2. Dear Dennis, Have you read or listened to Robert at all? Or how about Christian Mysticism? Regardless of all folklore and all that it doesn't really matter - it seems that you have Christian religious beliefs and they are okay for where you are at now - should you want to move further try Christian Mysticism - it is a great path and should help your understanding in closing the gap between Christianity and Advaita.