30 July 2016


America has a two-party system.  It is a binary system.  It is one or the other.  Winner take all.  There really are no coalition politics in the American two-party system.

However, what we have seen with Clinton/Sanders is an attempt to form a two-party de facto coalition of a nascent social democratic party with a broader Democratic party.

Take a look at the Democratic platform for 2016.  Most of what Saunders was shooting for is in that platform.  However, few of us believe that Clinton will adhere to those party planks, and will shed them once president.

But some of us have watched Bernie throughout the election process.  Yes, the system was rigged against him from getting the nomination.  Perhaps if it had not been so rigged, he may have gotten another 200 pledged delegates, and cut Clinton’s lead to razor thinness.  But as Bernie has stated, “THIS IS REALITY,” thereby moving the universe of discourse from a socialist goal to the reality of creating a de facto coalition party, of a Social Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party.  This is the reality.  Bernie has forced Clinton to take on many of the precepts of his Democratic Socialism in order to get his endorsement, his delegates, and his followers to come along and support Hillary Clinton for president.

So many people are so angry at Clinton having witnessed the ring system against which Bernie fought, but this is reality.  It takes time to change.  Already Bernie has changed it by eliminating 500 superdelegate positions in future year elections.  In 2020, if Bernie or Sen. Warren want to run for president, not only will they be part of the Newer Establishment at that time, but the entire election process will better reflect what actual voters want as opposed to what the establish party wants.

Those of you who are still so angry at Clinton because of what the DNC did together with Clinton, have to take note of the disaster we will face a year after Donald Trump is elected.  Bernie sees the peril in electing Donald Trump.  As he states, he will do everything possible to eliminate that possibility, and to elect the coalition candidate Hillary Clinton.  Remember, Bernie is going to be a central heavyweight now in the Senate, impossible to ignore, constantly prompting Clinton towards a more socialist leaning.  Perhaps within the next four years we will see the founding of the Democratic Socialist party as a third-party, which could easily supplant the Green party was true and effective vote-power.

So drop your hatred of Clinton, and work with Bernie and her, to get her elected and to stop Trump.  Can you imagine what the world would be like two years after a Trump election?  Can you imagine the chaos?  Can you imagine the danger?  Can you imagine the disappointment in all of those who elected Trump and saw his presidency turn into the disaster he predicted would happen if Hillary were elected?  Can you imagine anyone who voted for Trump been having second thoughts that they are to blame?  No, they will blame Trump for having failed them, holding themselves faultless.

The American electorate appears to be stupid beyond belief.  Therefore it is for us who can better discriminate the reality of what faces us in the upcoming election to work to stabilize the Democratic Socialist/Democratic Party coalition that Bernie and Clinton have forged, and to make it the party of the future.

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  1. "The American electorate appears to be stupid beyond belief." Yes, it's more or less the same everywhere. We humans have developed higher technologies, but the wisdom required to deal with them all is very sadly lacking, and so the planet is being rapidly depleted. We plug on. I think it was Blaise Pascal who said something like 'The situation is hopeless. We must now take the next step'. :-)