31 July 2016


I supported him from the beginning. I voted for him in the primaries.  I even started a blog to support him. I was outraged by Debbie Wasserman  Schultz’s actions and called for her firing. But Bernie lost whether it was rigged or not.

Bernie is the victim, yet he supports Clinton.  Why?  Because he has already begun a vast change in the system.  Hillary’s platform is Bernie’s socialist platform, and he is not a powerhouse in the Democratic party as opposed to being an isolated independent senator with little power.
AND, as he says over and over, Hillary is a thousand times better as president than Trump, and he is going to fight to keep her progressive along with all of the millions of people who voted for him in a progressive movement. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bill-maher-bernie-sanders-strop-trump_us_579c4522e4b0e2e15eb610bf?section=
Bernie is the victim yet wholeheartedly backs Clinton.  Why aren’t you?

Many of you are lost in rage against the system thinking only to deny Clinton the presidency because she is the embodiment of the system.  But so is Trump.  In addition, he is insane, a bigot, a hater, a divider, an unabashedly self-centered egomaniac who will unabashedly use the presidency to enhance Trump enterprises and to pump his grandiosity until it explodes in ways I do not want to see.
I do not want to fight this battle anymore. I have stated where I stand.

So, I make you an offer.  If you lack the discrimination to see through Trump and the danger he poses, and if you fail to see his lack of compassion and heart, and still want him to be president because you are deranged with anger at the system, or worse, you are a Republican, please let me know that you still back him.  I will remove you from my friends list and maybe take the time to block you because I can not be bothered any longer caring so much for my friends who want to destroy themselves because of their blind rage and lack of reality perspective.

I care for you so much it hurts that you cannot see clearly the danger Trump poses for the country and for you.

I don't hate Trump at all. I sort of like the persona he pretends to be. But I definitely see the danger he poses to all of us and the path he will take, whatever that is, because he has not outlined any path but one of bigotry and divisiveness.

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  1. Well, as many know by now if his own ghost writer for "The Art of the Deal", tony Schwartz, has expressed such profound regrets about having gotten involved with writing that regardless of the big bucks he's made, that says a lot. It's rather laughable then that Trump would now claim that HE actually was the one who wrote it which in itself says even more about how readily and callously he'll twist the truth to suit his ends.