05 December 2015

Richard Wolff explains why life as we have known it in the United States is over. The economic collapse of 2007 marks the beginning of the great decline, of a self-destructing economy abandoned by capitalism to make more money in rapidly growing Third World Economies.

It is over for us. Richard explains in painful and very clear detail, why we are slipping into oblivion.

I saw his 2 hour video on Link TV called Alternatives to Capitalism which was breath-taking in its clarity of explaining the decline of the U.S.

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  1. Several of us working for General Motors in early 1972 joined the 'Sunset Club' along with just a few businesses at the time. The demise of the auto industry and affiliated businesses in the U.S. was appallingly apparent and the ignorance of its leaders was even more so.
    The Sunset Club could already see the sun setting on America, even though national articles were published regarding this phenomenon leaders chose to ignore it.
    This country had many warnings starting over 40 years ago. steve