26 August 2015


Though I often emphasize the need for acceptance and love while doing self-inquiry as part of a path to Self-Realization, deep down inside my emphasis is on correct understanding, Jnana, which is different from conceptual knowledge.

Self-Realization is all about parsing out the I-Am sensation, penetrating through the concept/thought level of the I-thought and attached matrix of current thought “reality.” Then we penetrate the I-sensation itself and dwell there, resting in your source.

Doing this for a prolonged time reveals both the Manifest Self of sentience, energy, bliss, and the Unmanifest Self, the basic knowing principle. In one sense you are the knower, and in another you are the known, Consciousness. I am Consciousness means that you too are Consciousness alone. All that exists is Consciousness, but the knowing principle is not within Consciousness, but beyond it.

But all spiritual teaching—everything you read or here in guru-talk—occurs on the level of thinking, including instructions on methods such as self-inquiry and various forms of meditation.

There are other methods of conveying or transferring enlightenment, such as awakening one’s Kundalini, Chi energies, or devotion, surrender or listening to sacred chanting and music. Shaktipat can help awakening the Shahti within you, but the teaching about Shakti and reality are still conveyed in words.

My way of teaching is to destroy all the hooks students have that attach them to mind, to gurus, to all spiritual understanding and self-concepts, to immerse in not-knowing anything, and simultaneously immerse in the I-sensation, the feeling that I exist, I Am. This becomes one’s only book, only sutra, only method.

This is a very radical approach. Admit you know nothing, and all spiritual teachers are talking on the level of mind, and you need to get deeper than mind, much deeper into levels of Self that have to be parsed out of the totality of our experience.

Once we can leave the mind behind and immerse in pre-mind experience, whether of emptiness, the void, or the sense of being lost and not-knowing, or in our energy-body layer, or into our somatic sensations of body, we find a far more clean and simple totality of experience.

Any teaching, such as Osho’s or Krishnamurti’s dozen of books, Zen books, Ed’s books, are aimed only to get you to look within with an open, accepting and loving attitude and feel what arises.

All books and teachings about reality, Self, void, presence, energies, etc., are words tthat point to what the speaker found within him or her self, and which you may never find within you, because they may not speak to your path, or what your own path of self-discovery will uncover.

This is a radical path of not knowing, pushing aside all conventional spiritual knowledge, scientific knowledge, political and economic knowledge, and plunging into one’s own Self experience, following the I Am sensation.

How many are willing to do this? How many want nothing more than to know who and what they are leaving behind Yogananda, Krishnamurti, Ramana, Muzika, Bennett, Buddha, and cleave only onto oneself.

I have found very, very few people who are willing to thrown themselves away as they presently know themselves.


  1. This is exactly the similar words i have read yesterday before going to sleep in your book. Just wanted to open the book randomly, read a page and go to sleep.
    This is what i am facing right now, losing concepts and the arising fear because of that. The more i dwell in feeling of my self the stronger I feel this pull to hold onto anything, the sensation is almost physical. It feels like tentacles extending to grab onto something... Yet at the same time this inner sensation of my self pulls like a magnet, this peace is wonderful, it is light, full and living sensation... unfortunately i can't describe "self" or what the sensation is like at the moment, it is as in the body yet out of it, yet with form and or formless...

  2. I am willing to do this ... better said I have no alternatives because I tried/read/listened to everything and everything turned out to be shallow and meaningless.