17 August 2015

The Final Truth

My last post was called “My Near Final Truth.”

The Final Truth of course is as expressed by Robert Adams and Nisargadatta, which is the message of the Unborn Self, the impersonal Witness beyond Consciousness, the Absolute, the ultimate Witness, Parabrahman.  This is the message within Consciousness about that which lies ontologically prior to Consciousness, entirely untouched by the three states of Consciousness or waking, dream and deep sleep.

Abiding in Turiya, you know the taste of Turiya, the pure awareness state without objects, and thus become aware of it lying also in your heart of hearts as your ground state.
This is the position of the world-leaver, the world-transcender, who merely watches the antics of Consciousness.

For Nisaragadatta, one dwells in Turiya for a long time, the I Am, until the impermanence of Consciousness, ts objects, and its states is fully revealed to you, and your iidentification is primarily with the subject, the Witness, the Unborn.
This is the birthless and deathless state, which I first encountered in 1995 as a result of being with Robert, and I dwelled there for many years until I was resurrected into incarnational spirituality of divine incarnation in the flesh through something as prosaic as love for another.  That love reawakened in me openness to unmet needs for love that had been covered over by years of failed love affairs, years of seeking among many teachers and discipline, many more years of sitting in emptiness, the Void, etc.

It is so easy to lose hold of Turiya and slip into dwelling in the Void instead, which is the in-Consciousness aspect of the prior to Consciousness Unborn.  This is not a place for humans to long dwell.  The life here of merely witnessing emotions, energies, stillness, the Void, lacks juice, lacks the exploding field of bliss, energies, light of the fully experienced life force and sentience.
My own point of view is that one should experience realization of the Manifest Self, the core of waking Consciousness, one’s own sense of Presence, the energetic body, the experience of immersion in a physical body as an incarnation of God within physical form, before the experience of the transcendent Witness, Parabrahaman, the Unborn state.

One should experience the rewards of life, the sorrows and ecstasies, the ups and downs, the energies and bliss before one decides to forever transcend Consciousness and identify with the Unborn Witness.  For completeness’ sake, one must realize both, the Manifest and the Unmanifest Selves.  Unfortunately, the goal of the Unmanifest Self is most attractive to the vast audience of people who only know life as suffering.  Witness Buddha who held that life was suffering, and the goal of life was to escape suffering and rebirth through following the Eightfold Path by attaining Nirvana—the blowing out of all desires and lusts.

Christianity too focuses on suffering too and finding ultimate relief in heaven in a divine and deathless body dwelling by the side of Christ and God.

Ending suffering seems to be a common end to much of spirituality, but it can be done in two ways: fully embracing the suffering and impermanence of life, which is a way of fire, and the way of escaping the travails of life through transcendence.

My own view is that the way of realizing the Manifest Self—the God in you incarnate—is the most appropriate spirituality for the 21st Century.  It is not the final truth but it is a message of an explosive, energetic living as a vulnerable human being living fully in the moment.  After you have done this long enough to have experienced the joys and bliss of incarnated Consciousness, when you are ready to let go, the Absolute will be easily and naturally attained.

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