10 August 2015

Spirit and Nature, Dancing Together

How is the message “We are all one” true or false?

If you are like me, the oft repeated concept which we are supposed to accept as truth, is that somehow we are all one, has never made much sense. It always seemed like a New Age, feel good concept to help us feel love for another.

Look, I know that I am Consciousness, brought into existence by the life of my body, which uses the body to sense the body, sense the world, and sense itself through Self awareness. And I know you too are Consciousness in the same way that I am.

Also, because of my various experiences on the way to more complete self-awareness, my tendency is to believe this Consciousness, or at least the heart of Consciousness, the Self, is divine in the sense it is greater by far than anything which I thought I was.

Experiencing the Self is one of being drenched in Grace, humbled before the experience of God, his power, his purity, and then the recognition that the grace, power, love, light, energy, intelligence that is the divine I find in me, is me! I am that divine. I am that humility. I am that surrender. I am that joy. I am that power. I am that intelligence. I am that beautific and transcendent other. I am life itself manifest in dozens of trillions of life forms.

Because I know who and what I am, I know who and what all others are, from the smallest insect, to a hundred ton whale, and I love them all just as I love that Other within me.

With this experience, many feel obligated to share the message of how great we are as God, the divine light, who shines within all of us, and within also all non-human sentient beings.

Now, we are not one in the sense there is only one live entity and it is me. We, as sentience, are confined to one body, one location, and when the life force leaves us, we, as individuals are gone forever. It is sentience itself, the Life, the divine, which is not touched by our individual death.

It is as if we were all flashlights, with our essence being the light generated by the mechanisms of electricity, light bulb or LED, focus mirror and switch which is similar to our bodies as the medium from which individual light emerges.

We can choose to identify with the light or with the mechanism of the flashlight. Both of these are impermanent. The flashlight gets old at some point, and light no longer is generated.

What lives forever is the physicality of metals, batteries, electricity, the principle of light: spirit and nature together. The same with Consciousness and its vessel: spirit and nature.


  1. to me this concept is as empty as all other concepts. i.e. ball, car, we are one, tree, etc.
    but as an experience it is 100% true and i cannot deny this. I have experienced this state where my body was asleep and i experienced it as sleeping body, other bodies in the room were talking and i experienced the talking itself was me, the movement that was being made was totally me. i.e. i was moving and talking through all bodies and i was one and alone and there was nothing else. THis is very difficult to describe. When i 'came back' i feel myself as an individual, as a person and as such i don't feel any oneness with others but as That Something Big and Unfathomable i have clearly seen that we are one in a sense 'I alone am and nothing else'. Thus my view on free will differs from Ed because of this one experience, it simply does not exist. It is an illusion. Only this 'Something Big' does everything and talks and moves and sings and expresses, only one entity , one background, alone. It is even wrong to call it 'one' or 'alone' because there is nothing else there to compare to.

  2. Dear Arvydas,
    Don't you experience a free or personal 'will', in your day to day live?
    Or do you put it aside as not real because of a experience beyond day to day live?
    Where is the heart? Where is the love?
    Have you find all the answers on where and this fast universe and creation come to manifestation. What is that God, our creater ask us to consider?
    I don't agree with Ed and neither with your conlclusion. God is far more then any human being can even thinker about. And yes, I do see, we all have a free will and that is what makes us responsible in one way or another.
    Glory to God!

  3. Hi Dennis. It is good to see you come back here for some reason :) You don't agree with Ed but something pulls you here.
    Anyway, regarding my experience I consider it as a fleeting moment(it is one of the many experiences) and to tell you the truth i don't actually have The Final Answer. I experience free will, sure, but in the context of the experience I described it is very difficult situation for me to understand 'free will'. It is AS IF i have it but i actually don't. Or should I say - I have free will as a person , but as a vast field of consciousness I don't, because when everything is very clear - where is the question of choice anyway?
    On day to day basis I don't even consider 'free will' vs 'non free will' question. I just try to follow what Ed says: feel everything, love what comes up. Only with this practice for the first time i could discern 'mind' from 'being'.

    I don't know what God asks us to consider. He didn't ask me anything :) And since your concept of God may differ from my concept of God it is really difficult to answer.
    To me God=Love. Once it appeared as Jesus and i felt such tremendous humility and love and purity... my heart almost exploded, i have never imagined such love actually existed anywhere...

    Experiences come and they go. And i keep practicing.
    Glory to Love!