20 July 2014



I got up too late and do not feel well. I exercised too much yesterday and lots of muscles are just screaming at me.

Also, Charlie needs lots of tending. He has maybe a week left alive.  He is still eating, and still kneading the rugs and us, but he is in pain managed by medications.  Feeding him and giving meds take lot's of time in the morning.

Lastly, it was Kerima's birthday Friday and we are celebrating today.

I need to change the time of Satsang back to 2 PM.  Few people are coming at this 1 PM time.  Moreover, few people are reading the blog--only 1/3 as many as two years ago, and a lot fewer are visiting my posts on FB.  SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

Anyway, I will sit in silence with any of you who choose to meditate at the usual 1pm time today.

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  1. HI Edj !!! Probably we will be a lot to be wtih you for meditating at 1Pm and thinking of your family ... take care and come back soon !
    All the best for Kerima and big hugs for his birthday ... i love you Edj !!! sylviane