19 January 2014

Deeya and Edji Touting Devotional Advaita

I explain it, tell you how to do it, and Deeya just does it.

www.KindleMyHeartsFlame.org (Deeya) has a wonder : What if together, Deeya and Edji (www.WeAreSentience.com) could reach every one of you here who feels empty, confused, lost, depressed or heartbroken, and with our connection awaken the Flame of Love in your heart, that same Flame we feel all the time : a Flame that enlivens, heals, brings both joy and peace? How do we bring that nectar of Love to you? 

You are actually never without that Love itself, you just need to feel it again long buried under memories of hurt, abandonment, cruelty, and pain, but how do we help you find it again?

Sometimes when we touch or wash a person’s feet, their heart bursts open and they cry openly and deeply. Sometimes when we look into someone’s eyes, we watch them soften and their body relax, and they sob with the joy of being Seen. Sometimes a long chant can bring that same heart-touching. There are so many ways: through words, holding hands, poems, hugging, Darshan, Shaktipat, or a picture.

Tell us how we can touch your heart. Let us help you feel deep Love and total self-acceptance of your beingness. Tell us how we can best reach you ... For almost every one of us who has lived to be 20 or 30 years old knows how cruel the world can be. For some, this understanding brings a hardening of their hearts. For others, it brings an opening of their hearts, a tremendous awareness of the suffering of others, and an openness to their pain.

If Kindle My Heart's Flame and We Are Sentience could serve any purpose, it would be to temper a bit the cruelty in this world by bringing to all the Love Christ promised and the Bliss of Krishna Consciousness. Remembrance. Freedom.

If this were to happen, maybe not to all, but to those who hearts are already awakened or are about to awaken, we could begin to ease the suffering in the world - by affecting Consciousness. We could bring more compassion to Consciousness itself.

All that we are is Consciousness, but in some it is dark and painful. What if you could feel the Life Force, the joy and Love that lies underneath all the emptiness and confusion—the Love and Life-Force that is always there, beneath the surface? What then?

Then we could say that the totality of Consciousness itself was awakening to its own Sattvic inner nature of unbridled Life and Love.

Then “we,” as human KIND, could truly begin to live as each other’s caretaker, and say with humility, “Yes, I Am my brother’s keeper. I Am a shepherd of all living things, from a blade of grass, to the worm, to every human being.”

Our world, our humanity, is really in need of healing, of caring, of sharing… Of rejuvenation for our future generations. And for that, the world needs YOU. And you are needed now.

You who through devotion and servitude to humanity will become so filled with the Bhaktic spirit of Life and pulse of Love through our connection that your hearts will heal those people, those animals, those hurting, those homeless, those hungry.

Come devote yourself to our Just Cause and watch our world change in our Communities' togetherness. Come BE the Conscience of Consciousness and help us guide you to the remembrance of Love and to exploring and feeling just how deep that Love really goes…

To this end, Deeya will now switch the Kindle My Heart's FlameCommunity Devotional Events over to a live broadcasting platform. The first of these transmissions will take place on Saint Valentine's Day, 14th February, the day of Love, and details of this will be announced in a couple of weeks' time.

Meanwhile, You are Truly Loved, Keep Holding On ...


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  1. Love seems to emanate from this webpage as I read your words. I feel it within as well and I really love you two, Edji and Deeya together as the male and female embodiments of love. I think of you often and often feel your love. Thank you for this gift!