09 January 2014


As you may know, Charlie Crowley has been staying with me a bit over two months.  He went from not being aware of his self or Self two months ago, of not feeling Subtle Body energies, or massive love to this, which he wrote just after his plane flight home:


It was really easy to play with the I Am on the flights. It almost feels like I've started a love affair with this power within. I feel Her pull me in as soon as I close my eyes, I sink into Her and She wraps me in a blanket of sentience.. The more I love Her the stronger She pulls me... At the same time I feel that She is arranging all this, its all Her game, I trust Her and Love Her..

I also felt sentience pulsating in my whole body too.. and last night when I was lying in bed I felt it stongest in the feet.. It was like my feet where shouting, I EXIST I EXIST! Haha! Of course I always knew they existed but not with the same clarity of last night. The shouting sentience got to the lower calves and stopped.

Thanks for the guidance Edji,

Love you,



  1. ...and thus comes the Knowing that the Guru is Divine. Ha Ha...Many Many blessings to you my dearest brother Charlie.
    Love You, steve

  2. Though I have not experienced that level of clarity (yet), incorporating love into the practice definitely makes the I Am within more palpable. I sometimes feel enveloped within it. It does bring me clarity at times and a greater level of commitment and trust in the journey. I sometimes feel very excited to dive deep within the I Am. I seem to worry less about trivial things or if I'm doing things "wrong".

    It does keep the search juicy.