02 January 2014

Another email from Trevor

Thank you kindly for your book.  It is very well written. One part that I especially like is around pg 221 where you comment that real spirituality is the process of becoming more and more ordinary, embracing everything that comes in the now, foregrounded in the sense of I exist, I love.

The quote of Robert's that you've posted in your last post is very striking: love the only sense of yourself that you have, the one that you're living right now (vs some abstract fear-generated concept of God...because isn't because we seek to end the pain that we seek?).  In Spain a dear friend and teacher used to constantly remind me, "what is your truth here and now?"  What is your truth...

He would always tell me that it requires true courage to live your truth; a life-time of work to do so honestly.

I respect the fact that you live your truth, in a sense, by making it manifest on your blog.

Happy holidays - may you be happy, filled with love and peace.



Thank you Trevor.  Still, hidden within the ordinary is the Self when it shows itself to you, like Krishna when he showed himself to Arjuna.  Arjuna could not tolerate the splendor and asked Krishna to cloak himself again as an ordinary man.

That extraordinary also it you, and it comes when beckoned by love.  

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