02 February 2012

A tough two days.

Lakshmi is starving herself to death because of pain in her mouth and is even vomiting up pain medications and her Ciproheptidine which makes her feel hungry.  I was supposed to take her in yesterday for the surgery, but my "mother-in-law" suffered from an apparent stroke yesterday morning and was in a Kaiser ER for 10 hours before she was admitted.  

It turns out it was not a stroke, but pneumonia, and she is feeling better.  She is on two antibiotics. In the meantime, Lakshmi is getting worse, and the vet cannot do the surgery today or tomorrow so I have to take her to another for similar treatment.

Worse, I had "words" with someone for whom I care very much, leading to the worst blow to my heart.  Sometimes being open is very difficult, and the vulnerability cuts deep, as much as it fills you with joy a few days before or later.


  1. Good luck Edji, it seems you are having a very hard time this week ... is it Robert cooking from beyond ?!
    Do we have only this life ? Is it a one time dream, or does it really comes and go "everyday"?
    This world can be full of shit some days, I support you mentally, if it has any effect.

  2. Dear Edji,
    Please do not forget how very much you mean to me, and to all of us. We love you very much.
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    You are not alone.
    Love, Matthew

  3. I hope many blessings soon come to you and all of your loved ones.

  4. I wish I was there to give you a big hug Edji. You're a tough one.


  5. I wonder about this. I have a kitty for about a year who is troubled by a hernia, underdeveloped lungs, and constant bladder problems. He's very fearful and goes into what we call "fear trances" at the sound of footsteps outside or in another room. He'll be afraid to go to his litter box and start peeing where he is hiding. We fixed his bladder issues recently and he's been better. Overall a terrorized soul, full of love when he feels safe and comfortable. I wondered on a few occasions if I'm causing him unneeded trouble and suffering by forcibly prolonging his life with veterinary interventions/surgeries, ultimately for my own selfish need.

  6. I am crying...you made me cry....I think the sickenss of your cat makes you sick and the stroke happened because it's all connected...it's called compassion. I feel people's heart and feelings and I know you are suffering right now....I feel you are very good and think about others first before yourself. I am the same. The cat and the cancer made me so sad, never felt like that, maybe because it's an "animal" or maybe the cat can only express himself/herself in a different way...notice, I didn't say itself...you know why!