05 February 2012

Email sent to me; a wonderful breakthrough! 

I am feeling so lazy and uninterested in the external world.  I want to lie down and simply be. I can't begin to describe the total despair I feel at not being able to just be, and the effort it feels to actually go out and be with my family.  I feel like crying and my family labels it as depression.  They don't know the joy I feel at simply being in myself, alone, lost in my beingness.  It is effortless to be happy for me now. I simply redirect my attention inwardly and I can access my bliss.  I simply am happy to be, to exist in a effortless being, simply being.  Nothing out there is of interest to me now.

Ed: So, so magnificent!  I hope this state sticks around for a while!  But at least you now can access the bliss states so easily and it will happen even more easily in the future.

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