17 January 2007

One more question for the pile. Do you think Robert is as much available for people who never met him as he is for you?


I wonder this but then think, if he is, then so is Ramana and why not just go back to Ramana?

Neither are available except both are yourself. Find yourself and you find them.

Thing is, Robert is easier to relate to because he was American.

Yes. He is easier to relate to but they say the same thing. Ramana works are very traditional and hard to follow for Westreners.

Also, robert speaks on different levels for different people. Therefore, don't ponder on apparent contradictions. Just let the words in and go where they may.

In Silence of the Heart he says that to love and serve the guru is higher and quicker than doing inquiry or anything else.

Right. One hundred times better.

He also said you need to focus on one teacher. Are either of those things possible when there is no body to relate to anymore (especially for those who never had any physical contact with him)?

No. It must be a live guru. He was adamnant about that.

But then there's you. I don't know, are you following after Robert now?

No, his body is dead, mine alive. I do not hold a candle to him. He is as far beyond my attainment as an elephant above an ant, yet we are one and the same. I follow after him as I attend to myself.

That is, have you taken on the same function or do you see it more as maintaining the memory of Robert and to providing insight when people ask for it.

Both and neither. it is up to the student. Robert had no function other than that given to him by others. In his mind, he was nothing, he did nothing; people only thougth he did. I am nothing, neither are you. You don't exist. Be happy.

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