14 January 2007

Falling Into Self

Dearest Ed,

I'm good I am reading Roberts'book and a little 80 pg. book called "the lazy mans guide to enlightenment" by a guy Thaddeus Golas. These are the only books I read, and most comfortable with. I am not doing a dedicated meditation but I like self-inquiry. When I go into meditation, sometimes I get strange flashes of light. I don't know what that is if anything. But I like best just abiding in the nothing. It feels like falling backwards or vibrating. I could ask you a hundered stupid questions but I think they are all pointless anyway.


Hi D

Ask any pointless questions you want. Everything is without a point anyway.

Glad you are doing well.

Yes, abiding in nothingness is the best.

That is exactly how it should feel, like falling backwards into yourself--the first person.

The flashes of light are Kundalini expressions, so don't pay much attention to them.

Write anytime.


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