29 July 2019

Do Not Wobble; Just Walk Straight Ahead!

Most spiritual seekers distract themselves from a penetrating and deep immersion in the self, by constantly checking their minds, their experiences, and speculating about whether they have made any progress or whether they are close to enlightenment. Worse, they ask questions of a random teacher they hardly know for answers to that question by giving a five-minute explanation of their whole life of spiritual teaching.

Let me give you this advice: do not check your mind; do not check your heart; do not speculate about your progress; do not read many books about spiritual practice, the differences will only confuse you. Instead, find your practice, become clear about how to do it, and then do it. Go straight ahead. Do not wobble or look back, or speculate forward. The kind of knowledge you are looking for is not to be found in words, so to ask questions only berries you even more deeply in the abstract, in concepts, into the unreal mundane world.

Instead be bold. Even if you are lost and utterly confused, just continue to do your practice. Do not wobble. Walk straight ahead. Allow yourself to be utterly confused and feel it fully. Do not run away from it by trying to get certain knowledge, because there is no such thing. All of language, all concepts are just general maps which never perfectly fit reality. If you are confused and drop thinking, you can begin to see what the real is like, and it is like nothing your words have told you about.

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