19 June 2019

Hi Guruji
I have been dying to tell how powerful the last Sunday satsang was . I don't know if what i felt was Shakti or not but it was intense wherein I felt my whole body was reverberating with something .. energy?.
While I did get this kind of experience before I didn't know if it is Shakthi or not. But one thing is for sure , I get this experience only when I have intense focus during meditation and often after maybe 30/40 min. In last Satsang the intensity was absolutely there. I request you to guide and clarify me based on my experience how I should take / interpret and how I should focus to progress further .
a. I have learned to focus on "presence" and be relaxed and it is working . But as I relax , I feel burning in my hands and then through the upper chest area and it is as if energy currents are flowing outward from my body (away from head area and towards tips of fingers of the hand. (though I feel my muscles relaxed there is elevation of energy currents with a burn but it is flowing outwards )
b. But when the intensity raises after some time, the burn settles and a more soothing current starts to permeate through the core, hands and legs sometimes but more reverberating overall. This may last for few minutes on this feeling is more pleasant than the one in point a above.
I don't know how I should interpret the above points in the context of raising the energies and moving closer to the pure I/awareness. Ultimately I am hooked to the round trip of self realization and love explosion. One will tell you that you are nothing and the other will tell you are everything . This is in complete reconciliation with everything I learnt and believed in. Now I have to bring it experientially (not mentally..
Pls guide me how should I proceed with my practice in making this spiritual journey more profound.
Your truly
This is the most question. You are trying to leave the world of the mundane and enter the world of God. Shakthi is the voice of God. Follow her as often as possible in order to leave the world of pain, sorrow, narrowness stupidity.
I advise listening to sacred chanting as often as possible, several hours a day if possible. Feel inside your body rather than listen to it as if it were coming from without. You might want to read books like "play of consciousness" by Muktananda on the for encouragement and idea where you go, as well as specific books like the basic books of Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon that teach you how to fill the various chakras with the energies in a progressive kind of way which can also be used for healing.
Third, read my almost daily writings my Facebook page as well as my book self-realization and other awakenings on my website, wearesentience.com.
And come to Satsang on Sunday early, and listen to the chanting for 15 or 20 minutes with all of us present. Expect to feel Shakti during Satsang and open yourself to her, but don't try to figure out what's happening. Become dumb as a rock without a thought, just feeling.
I am glad you feel commitment to developing relationship Shakti in your body and heart. She is trying to lift you out of misery and to take you to God realization. Every moment spent with Shakti has its reward for the rest of your life

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