21 April 2019


With self-realization or God-realization as I have defined it, as recognizing I am not the body or mind, but life itself, one enters a new dimension of being and no longer is a captive to the world.

It is THE way out of the suffering afforded by everyday life, a 9-5 job, children, parents, bills, education, career, etc. Primarily you live in a different dimension of the life force, of liquidy-light and energy absent the density of the body, although you still have a body, and the monkey distractions of the mind.

Mundane life is a terrible burden and impediment to spiritual life. It robs us of energy, of perseverance, or silence and privacy during which to practice self-abidance and self-submergence.

Perseverance though will win in the end through self-abidance and self-love, or the separate devotional track of a deep love and total surrender to another, whether a lover, guru, or a cat. But it must be a love like never before, or total surrender.

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