18 April 2019


I teach about incarnational spirituality in the sense that the realized being’s primary identity is being a spirit, but also a spirit embodied in a human physical form.

Before self-realization most people consider themselves only as people, as body-minds embedded in society and in multiple tribal and familial contexts. However, the self or God realization experiences are an internal opening of both spiritual vision and spiritual feeling where you recognize that you are really the inner subjectivity of spirit and only secondarily an embodied spirit.

People who have this God realization experience of their spiritual nature and the identity of God also with that same spirit, no longer think of themselves as being only human. They know deep down that they are spirit, the inner life force that brings sentient to insensate flesh. Later they may realize the same life force is also God, whether incarnate as a human, or as the universal principle of sentience.

One who has realized self and God both, as the spiritual element that is their subjectivity, they can never really fully return to the world of ordinary human existence. Not that they do not suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but they always feel the presence of God in their own lives, in their own self.

The voice of God, or the life force, is what I call Shakti, the experience of various forms of inner energy within the body and one’s own sense of presence. Each of us, with meditation, devotion, and love, can begin to feel these inner energies that flow, expand and contract, in multiple ways. Sometimes they are experienced as circulating paths of colored energies. Sometimes they are experienced as sheer bliss or ecstasies.

Sometimes they are experienced as rising energies with an associated heat, or descending energies that may actually feel cold. However, after shorter or longer periods of time these energies become identified as a new body within and around oneself that extends a few inches or a few feet from your body as well as inter-penetrates the body within. I call this my sense of presence. It is like a ghost form of energy that inhabits and surrounds my physical body, and is in constant communication with the external world of energies. This sense of presence gradually becomes one’s real body, and the physical body quickly becomes secondary. One’s attention is constantly drawn to one’s sense of presence, and inwardly to the life force within.

One of the most graphic descriptions of this process of self-realization is described by Ramana Maharishi as finding himself within as spirit as a result of his death experience.

I describe my own self-realization experience, which occurred not as a result of the death experience, but as an experience of being fully alive in my book, Self-Realization and Other Awakenings.

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