20 November 2017


Eastern spirituality, especially Buddhism, Advaita, and Zen, mostly entirely ignore teachings about how and why to do relationships.  Relationships, love, bonding are downplayed and dismissed as the most common source of suffering. Robert and Nisargadatta never taught about relationships staying with the position that the world is illusory, people are appearances within consciousness, and Truth is to be found by diving within and exploring the subjective layers of consciousness and Self.

But most Western people in spirituality really are seeking a stable love relationship, or are escaping from a bad one, or are desperately frightened by them from fear of getting their hearts broken.  Thus they are lonely and afraid, and come into spirituality because of loneliness, loss, grief, and fear of repeating a bad relationship, or a divorce. These are psychological problems, problems with handling emotions, love and bonding, not a spiritual problem of not knowing one’s transcendent self.

If your primary motivation is life is seeking human love, emotional connections with others, or being accepted and understood, your involvement with Nisargadatta, Zen, or Robert Adams probably is largely a bypassing of your human wants and needs.  If you feel utterly confused by life and by relationships, the answer is the same, for seeking spiritual knowledge about consciousness, self, the Subtle or Causal bodies absolutely does not address that primary need of yours.

Robert and Nisargadatta address totally different issues and needs, which is knowledge of your self as consciousness and as an energy being and the ultimate witness of all. Their teachings are for those who have entirely given up on the world, or who have completed their human “missions” (so to speak) on this earth and who wat to know what is next?  What is ultimate truth.

Buddha I the prime example.  Because he saw suffering and death was intrinsic in being a living being in relationships in the world, he gave them all up in search for a beyond, the ultimate release from attachments to others and to desires, such as for love and family.

This Satsang Video explores all these issues.

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