20 November 2017


Dearest Edji,  Thank you so much for all your help with identifying feelings.

I still listen to 'music' (chanting) every night and much happens which usually is totally unexpected at the way it happens.  I try to disregard the mind’s concepts, but some have been there long-buried.

Anyway last week lying on the couch and noticing all the plants we have around the room....all of a sudden all the plants were connected and living their lives, being alive, a display of the Life Force I guess.   Anyway I don't know how to put this, but it is like a feeling/seeing  so that I could somehow 'see' the Life force through my feelings.  It was just flowing through all the plants and all the different uniquenesses between them.   It was like a mist, a fog of sparkling little dots of Life just moving like clouds in the sky into all the plants....each having individuality.

Even today the Emptiness can be 'seen' through feeling and that feeling has developed because of your teachings Edji.

Still very new to me this method of 'seeing' and 'feeling' at the same time!

This is such a wonderful experience and journey and nearly impossible to relate to anyone.  Everything has become so exciting in day to day life with this body.  This body is just the circuitry that the Emptiness uses and I just love the new happenings, each and every day.

I was always afraid when you explained that in your experience it was like living in a Void for many years and I really didn't want that . 

This seemMys to be completely different.

 Day to day, it is just bright with sparkling life.

If the Emptiness can be called life which I am sure it can....actually it is more full of life that this world has ever seen. It has beauty and bliss beyond imagination and its going to become more so every day.

Thank you Edji for calling me to you.  My dearest teacher....I Love You!

Ed's Response:

My Dearest Steve,

I am so happy for you.  You have taken to my teachings like a duck to water.  Each month you seem to grow in new dimensions. 

There will still be down days and weeks as you already know and are prepared for, but your marrying of sight and feel adds a new dimension for others to aspire to or at least know it exists, and you articulate it so well.  

I love you too...

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