09 July 2017


Almost 12 years ago I started a website called “it is not real.” That is still the name of my blog. In it I set forth the essence of Robert Adams teachings, and even posted some of the transcripts of his talks. However, in 2010 when I had my awakening experience to the divinity within, to the Lifeforce, and the power of sentience, of consciousness, along with the divine breath of bliss and being wiped clean of all guilt and shame, I started a whole new website with a new purpose, called “We Are Sentience,” meaning basically that we are awareness, or we are that which gives life to inanimate bodies.

However, because of closely watching my mother’s death, and those same elements of consciousness and material which I had considered to be me, namely the body, mind, and consciousness, I can say with full surety, that the totality of human life, of my life, and your life, is a fraud. Truly a tale filled with sound and fury but to no particular end except as entertainment. I watched as consciousness and the Lifeforce had activated her body, and then left, leaving an insentience shell. I saw that she was transitioning away from identification with her body, her personality, and her life in her home in Peoria Arizona. And I saw that it was all unreal. Unreal in the sense of being an activity that goes on spontaneously and along its own course, with entities appearing and disappearing, growth and decline, but none of it has anything to do with you. That body that you imagine yourself to be, has nothing to do with you, nor the consciousness by which you know you are the body. That too has nothing to do with you. You are entirely beyond all of that.

To give an analogy, our lives are like a series of movie sets, with workmen creating the external props of buildings, infrastructure, railroads, and the inside scenes and kitchens and bedrooms, while the crews are the Lifeforce that make everything work, that direct the show, direct the actors, put them through the paces, shoot the scenes, and do post production. They are the driving force, similar to the Lifeforce.

Thirdly is the light of consciousness which lights the set, impacts the light sensor or film, and projects that to the audience—so that you, can witness it.

Exactly so is your life. Your body has nothing to do with you, although you may identify with it now. Nothing at all! Indeed, the life force which you may have discovered in yourself some time ago and with which you may still identify, also is not you. It has nothing to do with you. It is part of the movie set, part of the activity of making a movie. And that bliss that you might at feel at times, those energetic movements, the fears, depression, anxiety, love, and anger that you feel, also have nothing to do with you. They are expressions created by the director of the movie, which you, as the audience are supposed to feel as your own, and mostly you do.

But see it like I do, there is just his body which last for 10 or 100 years which you identify with, but really, you have nothing to do with the body, you are far beyond the body, far more pure than the body and immortal, not subject to time, so in a sense, even beyond immortality, beyond any attribute, beyond any experience. It is the process of identification that chains you to body, ideas, ideologies, or consciousness, and you make them into you.

And then there is consciousness and the Lifeforce within, all that which you discover once you turn inwards: the light of consciousness, the all-pervading emptiness or void, emotions, bliss, ecstasies, energies, imagination, images, dreams, waking state, deep sleep state—all have nothing to do with you. But, you had to first deeply explore each of these levels of experience to discover that you are nowhere to be found in anything that is found. You are not the body. You are not your mind. You are not your thoughts. You are not your I am sensation. You are not emptiness. You are not even consciousness or the Lifeforce. All of those have nothing to do with you. It is all just the play of consciousness, an article manufactured by a divine movie industry, arising from some unknown source, for unknown reason, playing perhaps for our entertainment, or the greater entertainment of Shiva, of God, of awareness.

When you see this, your body crumbles in unimportance. It is a leftover. You feel tricked. You have been sold a bill of goods that is temporary and rotten. The body grows for a while, and gets old and dies, and the same of all the bodies you see around you, all your pets, your parents, your children all are here just very briefly, appearing to be alive, appearing to be a personality, but it is all just a show, which you have nothing to do with. It is just entertainment for you. If you identify with your body, you always fear death. If you identify with consciousness, you will always have the problems of consciousness, the negative emotions, the desires, the vulnerability, for consciousness does not last any longer than the body you experience in you as consciousness.

None of these experiential-elements have anything to do with you. The external world, your body, your consciousness, are not really yours at all. They were identifications thrown at you and what you have accepted over time, but wisdom breaks those identifications allowing you to laugh at the totality of the fraud perpetrated on you and the entire human race if indeed it exists at all and is just not part of your personal movie, created by some unknown joker, or perhaps flowing out of your own unmanifestness.

In order to enjoy a movie, you have to throw yourself into it, and take it as real, you ignore the incredible aspects that would make it not real or not believable. You throw away your guardedness and discrimination in order to participate and be entertained by the unreal. But after awakening to the unreality of it all, you know it is really a fraud, all of life, the sound and fury of it, the attachments, the emotions, your body. None of it has anything to do with you. You are not touched by it. They come to you unspoken, unasked for, and you as a patsy take them as yours for real.

You are entirely beyond them. You are beyond the world. You are beyond your body. You are beyond your own consciousness and beyond your own mind. You are utterly free of all of it, but you imagine yourself still as contracted into a body, contracted into human being, but that is just the movie. This is exactly what the director was aiming for, to get you attached to the movie to see if you can break free. Or, as Robert said repeatedly in his last Satsang the words, “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”

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