05 May 2017

Hello Edji,

For some time now It's been clear that there is no entity within the body. And in silence, there is no separation and there is a feeling of oneness. But the identified I-thought arises whenever something happens to the body and all the resistance and suffering comes back. I can't seem to let go of the belief in the "I am a body" idea even though I can see it isn't true. It makes no sense to me and leaves me really frustrated. Could you please help me?

Thanks very much,



There are distinct experiential differences between the I-thought, the identification with the body, and you.  What does the I thought point to?  Emptiness.

The identification with the body is feeling the body from the inside, which is different from any other experience, and as such, we tend to identify with it because it is always there opposed to environment or people around us.  It has a constancy that environmental appearance lack.

But you witness that.  As its witness, you are separate from that body feeling.

So you need to relax more deeply.  Fall backwards more deeply into your sense of self.  Just keep doing it, more and more, longer and longer.  You will begin to see all things related to your body and your mind are really witnessed by you, and you are not affected by them.  This is the beginning of enlightenment, the foothills so to speak.

The more habits and tendencies you have, the more conditioning and education, the longer the deconstruction of mind/body experience will take, and for your freedom.  For now, you feel your imprisonment in habit, identifications, and mind, but you have to see yourself as separate from all that.

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