19 December 2016

When I started this new round of Satsangs a month ago, that first Satsang was tentative, because that inner voice that had previously used me to speak for that which is beyond this Ed Muzika body and mind was starting anew, has now grown more powerful and more emotionally eloquent.
When we have Satsang, make no mistake, it is not me talking to you, but consciousness itself to your consciousness.  Also, deep within me, that which is beyond consciousness is also speaking to you who are also beyond consciousness, that who knows the coming and going of consciousness, and is itself untouched by consciousness.
For this reason, I want to hold a special Satsang this Sunday on Christmas, at 10:30 A.M. Arizona time, 12:30 P.M. Eastern Standard time, 5:30 P.M. U.K. time.

That day I will speak about the approach of love, of Bhakti, to the awakening of the Divine Self within, the spirit, Shakti, wherein the Self becomes aware of itself as consciousness and Shakti only, above and beyond the which are their vessel.

Go to http://satsangwithedji.weebly.com, and use the password   edji   whenever asked for a password.  Come early and listen to the chanting at the bottom of the page, especially the ALL NEW KUNDALINI CHANTS.

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