21 December 2016


Marie Schuckles, my companion in cat colony management in Northridge, has died after her long struggle with cervical cancer at age 70.  She died in great pain.  Even morphine did not make it bearable. 

Marie had a hard life the last ten years.  After her mother died, their home was sold to cover the mother’s debts.  Marie moved in with her sister P., who really didn’t want her there, and she slept in the living room, on a couch, without any privacy.  P. did not even turn on the air conditioning o heat at night for Marie in the living room downstairs.  Her other sister, N., finally convinced Marie to get rid of all her storage belongings, giving them to her newly found, adopted out son, and with that money she got her own apartment, and for the last three months of her life she was happy.

I just found out that she died ten days ago, and have been trying to locate the three people she turned her cat caretaking efforts over to.

They are:



And Marilyn

Michael feeding my street cats  in 2013
Valerie is 86 and has been managing feral cat colonies for over 45 years.  She now has at least 100 cats she is feeding, getting spayed/neutered, and placing in homes.

So far, I have not located the person that is taking care of the 27 cats I was caring for, near California State University in Northridge, and I am hoping it is Marilyn, who herself contracted cancer about 8 years ago, and so far has beaten her cancer.  She too was taking care of many cats, rescuing even more and placing them in homes.  I have two of her street cats, Radha and Sitta.

Look, I hold weekly satsangs, write books, and post about Advaita teachings, Robert Adams, and ways of experiencing  various kinds of self-realization, as well advising many hundreds of people via email, mail, and phone calls regarding spiritual practice.  I have had many people that have come and stayed with me for weeks at a time, and I have really asked for nothing.

But I am asking all of you who care for my efforts, and who
One of five stops where I fed cats
manifest love and compassion, to donate money to these three women who feed many hundreds of cats, have them spayed and neutered, rescue them, and place them in homes.

I want you to send them money.   I ask you to call them, talk to them, learn all they do, and ask how you can help.
Please do this for me.

Valerie  Stark (818) 900-3548

20032 Vintage St.  Chatsworth, CA 91311

When I last talked to Valerie two days ago, she was about to go out feeding her ferals, saying the winds were freezing cold and 70 mph!  We all worry about our feral friends outdoors.

Maria  Jacquec (818) 826 0299 

19037 Bryant St. #4,  Northridge, Ca 91324

Marilyn XXXX  

I am trying to locate her now.  In the meantime, please send the money to me which I will give her for caring for my cats.  If I cannot locate her, I will give the money to Valerie or Maria.

Ed Muzika  edwardmuzika@gmail.com 
19017 North Welk Dr. Sun City, Arizona  85373

If my teachings and satsang are valuable to you, please do this as part of your sadhana, your path, your devotion.
PS;  I have been donating money directly to Marie Schuckles for the past two years that I have been here, and will continue as I can.


  1. So sorry to hear of Marie's passing. I had responded to a post you had maybe three or so years ago, Ed, and then after sending a donation to Marie, met her many times to offer assistance because she'd lost a job and was in dire straits as far as her financial situation was concerned. I also knew just how difficult her relationship with the sisters had been in recent years from the stories she told me and I knew about the cancer as well. I wanted to actually call her recently but for one reason or another couldn't find the time. I'll be in touch with one of those cat caretakers soon.

    RIP Marie,


    1. Mark, thank you so much.

      I have been asking my audience on my blog, facebook, and during Satsangs online to call Marie's successor caretakers, Valerie and Maria. That is, hundreds of people who follow me have heard my plea to help them.

      Only you--that I know of--have called Valerie. Thank you!

      She told me it was my check that allowed her cats to eat during the latter part of December because her social security ran out. Please help her if you can.

    2. Thank you everyone who has donated money to keep feeding the homeless cats. Marie would be so grateful. I miss my sister very much and was so glad I got to spend the last 7 months with her and taking care of her in her apartment that I got for her. I found her son she gave up for adoption in 1968 and they actually met in the summer of 2016. I wanted to make Marie's life complete before she died. I was with her when she died and she did die peacefully. I miss her every day. She was a kind, soft soften sister. RIP Marie. I will always love you.