07 November 2015

TWO NEW EMAILS FROM MY FAVORITE FAN Swami Chetanananda once said when you become a spiritual teacher you walk around with a target on your back for receipt of all kinds of projections of hate, insanity, despair, and disappointment. MESSAGE #1

“Back to your self degrading ARROGANT SELF BEHAVIOR. Attacking other teachers, judging the neo's as if your an authority on everything. Whose on Facebook you are ,your addicted to it, you cannot exist without your arrogant, demented view of those that don't agree with you. Your no doubt are bipolar and should see a psychiatrist for some help. I don't buy a word you say.Hate just emanates from your ARROGANT SPIRITUAL EGOTISTICAL MINDSET.You only know how to attack.DESTROY and manipulate. The women 's groups also attest to this with your attitude toward your remarks IN PRINT THAT THEY ARE TO BLAME. ALL NEARBY WOMEN ORGANIZATIONS WILL BE NOTIFIED. YOUR A ARROGANT CON ARTIST. YOU PUT YOUR NAME WITH OTHER TEACHERS THAT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO, TAPING NICOLE 'S phone call.breaking up marriages. Your so so HATEFUL WITH NO REMORSE, A PIG, I TAKE THAT BACK A PIG IS BETTER THAN YOU.you have no idea ,only expirence,s and how to destroy, consciousness will NOT GO AWAY IT WILL KEEP ITS DILIGENT AND WATCHFUL EYE ON YOU. TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT PEOPLE YOU HAVE DESTROYED WITH YOUR HEARTFELT ARROGANT. BEHAVIOR.” MESSAGE #2

"That was spontaneous, consciousness at play.you ed the snake oil salesman of the century. The most ARROGANT SELF RIGHTEOUS, WOMEN GET WHAT THEY DESERVE PSEUDO GURU .NAH YOU GIVE GURU A BAD NAME.GO TO A DOCTOR AND GET HELP LET THE WORLD ALONE, BELIEVE ME IT WILL DO JUST FINE WITHOUT your ARROGANCE" bo szendel Email: jerrypesh@aol.com

Even worse from my point of view are former students who previously confided in me their deep and abiding love and devotion. Then one day they feel disappointment, or maybe feel ignored or even demeaned, and suddenly they flip, and to them, you have become the worst person in the world, maybe that has ever lived. Then they share their hatred to other students who are friends of their with exaggerated stories of how they were wronged, and a whole bunch of people respond believing the accusations.



    just ignore them, Ed..

  2. What do you think Ed about such projections? How to deal with them? I always ignored them and some of them just disappeared. Part of what you teach is about feeling everything that arises, loving it, but I don't love projections and don't want to play them in the world as it seems to me unnecessary. How would you approach?

  3. Which side of the projection are you speaking of? Being hated, or hating?

    Usually a person is not aware they are projecting idealization or demonization. They just perceive the other that way.

    1. Both.

      Yes, but there is time when one becomes sharply aware or 'too conscious' of every action, thought. At that time it would seem projection is happening but it is not being played outwardly. (but it would play out like it did in the past if there would be no conscious attention on it).

  4. What I see is a beautiful relationship between Guru and Devotee.

    The Guru is stirring your pot and scraping off the gunk burnt on to the bottom of the pan, old rigid belief systems, conditioning etc. That stuff then rises to the surface and you look for someone to blame for it, associating it with your target because it is so upsetting, fearful and pisses you off.

    You are really a beautiful soul and this is your greatest opportunity for growth. Own that gunk rising to the surface, it is all you so feel it as much as possible, in every way possible and with your whole Heart. Feel it ! And Feel it more !

    Your the only one here, there is no one else, its only you and the more and deeper you feel the crap rising up the more your fire breathing words will transform into celestial lights.

    Edji is like the projectionist at the theater. We all fell for the belief that the theater of life is It...Reality.
    Some actors become terribly upset when we are told that its an illusion.

    Our belief systems are very deep and of course we all get very upset when the light starts to burn brighter.
    Stick with it, you came to this universe at this time and space to Awaken. Don't miss this wondrous opportunity. steve

  5. It's interesting that so many people say that those who disagree with their point of view or are critical of them have psychiatric problems. Can't we admit that we disagree without judgment or demomizing?

  6. Keep going Ed, I am following you since 2010 and have found immense knowledge in your posts and book.
    I have never encountered a spiritual teacher that smart and scientifically minded as you, you are an exception, you deserve praises not hatred.
    You are a diamond that reflects all spectrum of the light of thruth, an it's a delight to follow your progression, your discoveries and your changes in understanding and practice.
    I find your comparative analysis of spiritual teachingo very helpful and intelligent. I believe only you can do that in a constructive manner.
    I also enjoy the bits you give us about the back stage, all the creepy stuff you share about the other teachers you have known, and clearly you have met many and not the small ones. ..
    I understand that crazy people can get upset by what you say, and I thank you for your courage to expose the truth on this public places where you expose yourself to this crowd of idiots.
    Thanks for all the books references you gave during these years that gave us the opportunity to read such beautiful and helpful authors.
    Thanks again Ed and good luck for your fight for animal rights and mind and heart opening!
    Your are the greatest teacher alive, and definitely the most entertaining LOL
    Keep up the great work Ed!

  7. Dear Edd,
    I am one of your former students. But, now I learn to pray and find my way in Christ. I still love you although we follow a different road. Without love there is no hope. May God bless all of us and forgive our sins as we forgive and love one and another.

  8. Dear Edji,
    It seems almost inevitable that one day as you destroy our concepts and take away our projections, that we will encounter extreme hurt and even hatred toward that destroying force- toward you. Do you have any tips for us on how to navigate this horror? Honesty with ourselves may be all but impossible in such an irrational storm of emotion.

  9. For the self-realized sage takes everything equally as it unfolds before him like a play on the movie screen.

    1. That's boring. I choose the roaring of pure energy every time.

  10. I would think it could go the other way.
    One in which we totally fall in Love with our Guru/teacher.
    As the structure around us disappears the opportunities for such deep bliss are possible and the Marriage with the Self takes place with the Teachers guidance I don't see how a deep love relationship with that Teacher won't develop.
    This would be totally beyond the Mind.
    The Teacher is with you always while you are on the path, he/she becomes a part of you.
    I have read of many of the newly Self-Realized sages desired only to live with their Teachers and after a certain amount of time were told by their Teachers to leave.
    I cannot honor Edji enough for this precious and sacred experience of guidance on the Path of Self-realization.
    I bow to you ever so humbly.