21 November 2015

“Experts” on terrorism, especially Jihadist-style terrorism, are now stating that somehow we have to create an anti-Jihadist ideology to counter ISIS and other such organizations.  They say ISIS recruits by bringing in youth who have no identity and feel rootless and lost, and give them an identity of being part of a religious crusade or world-wide stretch.

These experts say the problem is a lack of identity among the young who feel lost, confused, and see the utter inequity and injustice of life, and see ISIS as bring the world to justice under the one God, one faith, and one flag of ISIS.

I see one “correct” anti-ISIS “ideology” being one not of an opposing philosophy so to speak, but a turning away from thinking and identification in a conceptual way, with using a “feeling” introspection of our inner worlds in order to discover God within, Christ Consciousness, which is no more than an awareness centered in our spiritual hearts.

I call this realization of the Manifest Self, one’s own heart-center, which changes everything.  No longer caught in mind, concepts, ideas, one lives from the heart in total, open acceptance of everything that arises from within and without.

The problem is that there are so many conflicting spiritual paths with so many contradictory ends, definitions of enlightenment or self-realization, that this simple path and end, without the garnishment of complex spiritual philosophies and definitions of inner states such as Turiya, Samadhi, Sahaj Smadhi, Nirvakalpa Samadhi, Causal Body, Parabrahaman, etc.

If an ideology is to be grafted onto this style of self-realization, it can be simply described as realizing one’s divine self, Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, or one’s true self, deeper than mind, and within which mind is submerged.

That is, we replace an ideology of war, a religious war/crusade to fight injustice, with one directed towards self-understanding, self-realization as an affective-feeling-awareness rather than a murderous “thinking” identification with radicalism.

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