20 September 2015

The Mountain Top Of Wisdom

Robert used to say "Everything is Consciousness, Consciousness is all that there is."  He opposed that by saying, "You don't exist," or "You are Nothing, No-Thing," meaning you (and me) are not entities or identities.

You need to understand that this is a belief, but as close to truth as you can get in words.

That is, you get rid of the concept that the universe is filled with objects, like our bodies, trees, chairs, and emotions, and accept an alternative truth that all that there is, all that exists are appearances, or apparent objects that objectively exist, and instead we presume there is only Consciousness, an infinite stream of experiences with no attachments to the concept of an underlying reality.  Thus Robert would say that what everyone considered the "real world" was actually like an "optical illusion."

One comes to ths oint of view when one looks into one's own inner experience and one finds no inner identity, no inner  entity that one can call self.  Only emptiness, the Void, is found and it is sentience.

So what we are is that which knows Consciousness, and we are not within Consciousness itself.  All that exists is just an ever changing flow of appearances, experiences, but no self of any sort, so we are not a thing, an entity within Consciousness. 

Instead, we are no thing, not Consciousness, who is aware of Consciousness.

I changed Robert's formula a bit by adding that there is an identity within to be found after one finds that the I-thought does not refer to any entity, and after we look deeper into the emptiness we have discovered to be ourselves,
and instead of "looking" within, we start "feeling" within, and then discovered the I-Am sensation, the core of feeling life and aliveness, the life force and core of our energetic body and sense of presence.

Yes, this I-ness, which I call the divine within, is not an entity, but it "feels" like one, like a coherent core of energy, love, awareness, and vulnerability within, which when concentrated upon, reveals a whole new inner world of "spiritual" experiences of awe, grace, light, power, and love.  It is a whole new world of inner experiences, which again are not entities, but ever changing feelings which connect our "heart-core" to the appearances of the external world.

In a sense, all that we have done is add a new dimension of humanity and divinity to the ever changing flow of appearances that causes our world to take on a new glow of love, humility, acceptance, and love because we now also live in feeling rather than just observation.  All of existence becomes not just "optical illusion," but feeling/illusion which embraces and encases all experience with a feel of love, acceptance, and grace.

More than this I cannot put into words.

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  1. Thankyou Edji. I am discovering that more I move towards feeling than looking, the mind is getting more and more dumb. In other words not-knowing seems to be a byproduct of practicing 'feeling the I'. It's tough because most daily life is relying so heavily on mental faculties like optical imagination, analysis etc. Any advise on how 'feeling' can be practiced/integrated hand-in-hand with work and other social activities?