30 November 2013

Satsang today, November 30, 2013, one hour earlier than usual at 5PM California time

Go to http://satsangwithedji.weebly.com. 

Sign in the password "edji" on two different screens. Mute your microphone. 

Satsang from Phoenix Arizona by menas of Starbucks WIFI.


  1. Would you allow people to visit in person? I live in Phoenix, which starbucks will you be at? If you do not want to share that information, that is fine.

  2. Kamran, it is a bit late to get this to you. Wish I had know you lived in Phoenix. I am leaving early tomorrow for LA, and am packing tonight. But it is the one at 71st and Bell.

  3. Oh, that is okay Ed. Thanks for letting me know anyway. Have a safe flight!