26 November 2013

Matti Discovers Self as the Energy Bodies

Dear Edji,

I feel am not this body, but a creature of energy. I take a deep breath and feel my relaxed dominion over things around me. There are many humans below me, few by me and none above me. I am creature that hunts and devours. There is no true love, only shades of position. Golden energy shines inside me. My being is strong and sparkling. I exist and roar. I have charisma and meaning as my tools.

This is shining personal beingness that has been always inside me and I have felt it sometimes, but now I can access it on will. There is nothing else quite like it. This is as intoxicating as the most extreme feelings of love I have experienced. However I wonder if this all is somehow wrong and evil?



You are on the right track, for there are two aspects of Self:

The witness

The love/energy/bliss body, Turiya.

Many think it is just the impersonal witness that is self-realization. Even Nisargadatta adopted this concept near the end of his life, but up until the time of his first book, written many years after his awakening to Krishna Consciousness, he emphasized love and the various energies, whether of the Subtle Body, or deeper in Turiya, the basic sentience and bliss thereof.

Most definitely , the Self is not just Parabrahman, the Witnessn.  It is ND the manifest Self, Turiya, as well as the balance of existence.  But the energies and love fill the manifest emptiness with light, power and sentience.

This is your best so far.


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