28 April 2012

Our California non-profit, We Are Sentience, has two missions: spiritual outreach through satsangs and websites, and feeding and maintaining feral cat colonies in LA.

During 2011, WAS supplied the following for feeding and maintaining approximately 300 cats:

291 16 to 20 lb. bags of dry food, for a total weight of over 4,700 lbs.

8,200 cans of cat food, mostly Friskies.

$2,100 worth of vet fees to spay/neuter and other vet bills

Total expenses on feral cat maintenance and placement $9,007.  This is likely a substantial  underestimate, as many times I’d pick up small and unrecorded amounts on a daily basis from a supermarket.

The balance of donations went to support spiritual outreach which includes website costs, software, etc.


  1. Wow! My heart is deeply touched by this display of love.

  2. Hello Edji,
    I am donating on a regular basis, but as a vegan I always feel guilty to give money to buy food containing meat, dead animals ... is the cats food you buy vegetarian ?
    As for the spiritual support I find nothing to comment, it's just amazing :)) Cheers and love, DG

  3. Cats are carnivore animals, they cannot be vegetarian! We humans are ominvorous and we can choose not eating meat but lots of animals cannot!

    If you feed a cat without including meat soon or later he'll be sick and if you keep the diet he will die...

    We have to respect nature and its rules...


  4. I agree with the above comment.

    If I see a moth in the house, rather than kill it, I will try to catch it and set it free outside.

    I do not expect such behavior from my cats though, nor do I deter them from playing catch with the moth.